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The Original Kimberley3
The Original Kimberley
The Original Kimberley2

The Original Kimberley Cruise

A truly Australian adventure

Expedition cruise the remote Kimberley coast

Explore Australia’s Kimberley on an unforgettable small ship adventure with the experts. Learn from our knowledgeable expedition team who share their passion for this land. Our ships and Xplorer tenders are built for the Kimberley region. For 30 years, we have been refining this classic Australian adventure.



Exploring The Kimberley with Coral Expeditions

When we conducted the first exploratory cruise in the Kimberley thirty years ago, tourism there was unknown. Our pioneering crew had to rely on fishing lore to navigate uncharted local waters. But we fell in love with that vast expanse, carved by the powerful forces of nature – wind, rain and tidal flows. Since then, we have built our operations around the Kimberley. Our expedition crew are local experts who have been studying and exploring the region for decades. Today, we are proud to operate three Australian expedition ships in the Kimberley from April to September each year. Every voyage is different, with new discoveries and experiences.

See the original Kimberley with the pioneers.

Coral Expeditions Ships In The Kimberley

Our three Australian-flagged expedition ships are designed for the Kimberley region, featuring wraparound decks, private balconies, and outdoor dining to enjoy the balmy air and glorious Kimberley sunsets. Open-sided Xplorer tender boats allow you to take in the magnificent cliffs and thundering waterfalls up-close while sheltered from the harsh Kimberley sun.

Our Xplorer Tenders

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Posts from our Kimberley voyages

Cruising through 40 years of expedition adventures, one dance at a time 🎉. On each voyage, we love to bring the fun, uniting guests and team members in dance at the most remote corners of the world, creating unforgettable memories.

Have you danced with us on one of our voyages?
Explore the Kimberley. Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.
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We are delighted to be welcoming back Special Guest Artists Paulina and Carole Puruntatameri on our upcoming ‘Best of the Kimberley & Tiwi Islands’ expedition. Departing Darwin on 28th August 2023, guests will learn from these two exceptional artists, gaining insights into their processes and the cultural significance of their creations.

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Are you ready for a Kimberley shower?

Join our Kimberley Cruise for the unique opportunity to shower underneath breathtaking Kimberley waterfalls.

Visit our website to view the itinerary. Link in bio.

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It's time to start planning your Kimberley adventure!🐊
Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.
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Horizontal Falls 🌊 Enjoy the exciting adventure of riding through one of the greatest natural wonders of the world in our inflatable Zodiac tender vessels.

Head to our website to discover our Kimberley voyages

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Our Kimberley Articles

Solar Eclipse Voyage Coral Expeditions

Behind the Moon’s Shadow – Australian Geographic Society Expedition Report

14th September 2023
The solar eclipse of 20 April 2023 was to be a particularly unusual one. Like all total eclipses, the awe-inspiring phenomenon of the Moon covering the disc of the Sun is only seen if you are somewhere along the path of the Moon’s shadow across Earth’s surface, the so-called path of totality.
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Beach Drinks

Voyage Log: Kimberley Cruise, Darwin to Broome – Coral Geographer August 2023

7th September 2023
We enjoyed refreshing sunset drinks on Verandah Beach and had a fun time dancing into the sunset as we formed a giant ‘Conga Line’. Several bronze whaler sharks made an appearance behind the Geographer, hoping for a meal of fish attracted to the lights.
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Voyage Log: Kimberley Cruise, Darwin to Broome – Coral Geographer April 2023

6th September 2023
We boarded the Zodiacs to get up close to King George Falls for an exhilarating ‘Kimberley shower’. On our way along the river, we stopped several times to hear about the geology and to look at some beautiful ‘honeycomb’ waterline erosion. One of the Xplorers was rewarded with seeing a dugong and a couple of…
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