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Expedition Cruising The Kimberley Region

The Kimberley’s raw, rugged beauty is best seen from the deck of a small expedition ship. Here, in one of the world’s most remote and beautiful wilderness regions, Indigenous nations have recorded their connection to country through exquisite Wandjina and Gwion Gwion rock art galleries many thousands of years old. Covering more than 400,000 square kilometres, yet home to just 30,000 people, the Kimberley Region is acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness areas. The wet and dry seasons dominate the landscape and waterfalls are generally at their peak in April and May after seasonal rain. Later in the season, witness Humpback Whales on their migration north to breeding grounds along the Kimberley coast.  Join our knowledgeable expedition team as they share insightful interpretation and warm Australian hospitality. Explore Australia’s Kimberley region on an unforgettable small ship expedition cruise through an ancient landscape, where nature takes centre stage and Indigenous connections and exploration history abound.


Our Kimberley Cruises:

The Kimberley Cruise | Departs Darwin & Broome | 10 nights


As the Kimberley Expedition pioneers, we have perfected our itinerary over 27 years. Our classic 10-day voyage is an immersion into an ancient land. You will explore this rugged land carved by powerful forces of nature, on a thrilling adventure as you enjoy a zodiac ride through Horizontal Falls, shower underneath King Cascade, marvel at 60,000-year-old rock art, and spot crocodiles basking on the shoreline.  Witness magnificent coastal vistas created by towering rock ridges, silent secluded gorges, plunging waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and massive tidal movements.

> Departs March to September 2022, 2023 & 2024
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Art of the Kimberley and Tiwis: Special Edition | Darwin to Darwin | 9 Nights

KIM Tiwi

New Release: On a one-off art themed expedition, be led by experienced guides to discover ancient rock art hidden in natural galleries amongst the rugged islands and escarpments of the Kimberley. Venture deep into the King George and Berkeley River systems to witness a landscape carved by powerful forces of nature. At the Tiwi Islands, enjoy art and craft workshops, visit a local art gallery and interact with the vibrant community.

Departs 2 September 2022
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Kimberley Icons, Ashmore Reef & Rowley Shoals | Departs Darwin & Broome | 12 nights

Coral Expeditions At The Reef

Combine our classic 10-day Kimberley itinerary with a visit to the spectacular Rowley Shoals Marine Park and Ashmore Reef. Witness magnificent coastal vistas created by towering rock ridges, silent secluded gorges, abundant wildlife, and massive tidal movements. Finish off the voyage at a chain of coral atolls offering some of the best snorkelling and diving opportunities in the world. Their shallow lagoons are inhabited by myriad coral species and marine life, including giant potato cod, Maori wrasse, at least 233 species of coral and 688 species of fish – many of which are not found on other coral reefs.

> Departs September 2022 & 2023
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The Solar Eclipse Expedition | Darwin to Broome | 13 Nights

Solar Eclipse

Join us aboard Coral Adventurer on our special ‘The Solar Eclipse Expedition’. Experience an unobstructed view of the rare hybrid solar eclipse event from isolated Ashmore Reef. Continue on to visit iconic attractions along the Kimberley coast including legendary waterfalls, awe-inspiring tidal phenomenon and soaring rock formations carved by immense tectonic pressure.

> Departs 15 April 2023 – Sold Out, join our waitlist
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Our Storytellers:

“I have been showing our guests the Kimberley for 20 years and it still gets me excited. There is something new to see, hear and learn every day. There is never a dull moment in this place.”
Jamie Anderson – Expedition Leader

The Kimberley FAQs

Our vessels Coral Geographer and Coral Adventurer carry a maximum of 120 guests and 48 crew. Coral Discoverer carries a maximum of 72 guests and 24 crew.

Generally, we have two excursions a day for a few hours in the morning before lunch, and a few hours in the afternoon. Each excursion differs in length, and if some guests prefer a shorter excursion, we arrange for an early Xplorer ride back to the ship. Being expeditionary, no two Kimberley trips are ever the same. We recommend reading some of our Kimberley Voyage Logs HERE for a more detailed look into how long is spent ashore.

Absolutely! We always offer an easier activity. On the Kimberley, many of the sightseeing destinations are only a short walk from where the Xplorer drops you off.

Yes! Our website now has new live availability where you can view which dates have staterooms available.

We recommend Reef Shoes (or other waterproof secure sandals) for what we call ‘wet landings’. This is when our Xplorer tender drops us off at a flat beach but cannot get any closer to the shoreline, thus guests are required to walk through water that is about shin high. We will tell you when we expect it will be a wet landing so you know to bring your Reef Shoes on the tender. If your reef shoes are comfortable to walk in, you are welcome to wear them for any walking. However, most guests decide to bring a pair of walking shoes and change into them after the wet landing.

Most evenings, after dinner in the Bridge Deck Lounge, we will screen a movie or documentary. Usually these are related to the Kimberley region. For example, Riddle of the Bradshaws is about the rock art of the Kimberley. The Koolama Incident, BBC Coast Australia (The Kimberley) and Rabbit Proof Fence are also commonly screened. However, we have a range of options available so if you chat to the team onboard, they might be able to accommodate another genre if you prefer.

Accommodation: We don’t offer accommodation, however there are some hotels that our guests regularly stay at including the Doubletree by Hilton Esplanade Darwin, Hilton Darwin, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa Broome and Oaks Cable Beach Resort Broome.

Pre-Cruise Transfers: We do not offer pre-cruise transfers. Guests are required to make their own way to the check-in location with organized transfers to the vessel to follow.

Post-Cruise Transfers:  We offer complimentary post-cruise transfers from the vessel to CBD hotels or the airport, which can be organised with the purser while onboard.

Absolutely! Our chefs cater for a range of dietary requirements. We do however request that you let us know ahead of time via the personal link so we can ensure we have enough produce onboard.

On our Kimberley departures, the commentary on the excursions is mainly focused on the destination. For example, geology when we visit Nares Point, nature and wildlife when we are witnessing Montgomery Reef rise from the ocean, or Indigenous history when admiring rock art. However, photography is a keen interest of many of our expedition crew, so let our expedition team know at the beginning of the voyage and we will do our best to cater to you!

Of course!

  • Australian Geographic the Kimberley by David Hancock
  • Phillip Parker King 1791 – 1856 by Brian Douglas Abbott
  • Lost World of the Kimberley by Ian Wilson
  • Ancient Rock Paintings of North-West Australia by G. Walsh
  • The Art of the Wandjina by I.M. Crawford

We recommend a long-sleeve shirt or rashie for sun protection, and comfortable pants, shorts, or fitness gear for walks in warm tropical conditions. You can view our list of Kimberley packing tips here.

No. As many of you will be flying to your embarkation point, we recommend following your chosen airline guidelines for luggage restrictions.

Absolutely! We have unique Xplorer tenders that you simply step onto from the deck, and are hydraulically lowered onto the water. We do ask that all guests have a level of mobility where they are able to make their way up and down the vessel’s stairs unassisted in the case of an emergency.

There are very limited swimming options in the Kimberley as the saltwater regions are home to large saltwater crocodiles and some freshwater holes flood with saltwater on high tides. The expedition team will offer swimming options only when conditions and tides allow.

When the wet season changes to dry season, usually from March onwards, the Kimberley landscape is radiant with new growth and freshwater swimming holes are filled by gushing waterfalls. Late March is the start of the Kimberley cruising season which is when waterfalls are at their most magnificent after seasonal rains. Many waterfalls flow year-round but the best time to witness the Kimberley waterfall spectacle is generally from March to early June.

Our Kimberley voyages operate either from Darwin to Broome or Broome to Darwin. There aren’t any differences between travelling either direction, aside from which order you will experience each destination. Our voyage has a cruise day across the Bonaparte gulf which we sometimes recommend that, if this is your first cruise, you may prefer to do it first to adjust to the motion of being at sea (departing Darwin).

No. As we travel along the coast and into different channels or around islands guests will get a great view from both sides of the ship and on each of the ship levels.

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