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The Original Kimberley
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The Original Kimberley Cruise

Offers now available for 2023

Expedition cruise the remote Kimberley coast

Explore Australia’s Kimberley on an unforgettable small ship adventure with the experts. Learn from our knowledgeable expedition team who share their passion for this land. Our ships and Xplorer tenders are built for the Kimberley region. For 30 years, we have been refining this classic Australian adventure.


Exploring The Kimberley with Coral Expeditions

When we conducted the first exploratory cruise in the Kimberley thirty years ago, tourism there was unknown. Our pioneering crew had to rely on fishing lore to navigate uncharted local waters. But we fell in love with that vast expanse, carved by the powerful forces of nature – wind, rain and tidal flows. Since then, we have built our operations around the Kimberley. Our expedition crew are local experts who have been studying and exploring the region for decades. Today, we are proud to operate three Australian expedition ships in the Kimberley from March to September each year. Every voyage is different, with new discoveries and experiences.

See the original Kimberley with the pioneers.

Coral Expeditions Ships In The Kimberley

Our three Australian-flagged expedition ships are designed for the Kimberley region, featuring wraparound decks, private balconies, and outdoor dining to enjoy the balmy air and glorious Kimberley sunsets. Open-sided Xplorer tender boats allow you to take in the magnificent cliffs and thundering waterfalls up-close while sheltered from the harsh Kimberley sun.

Posts from our Kimberley voyages

The Kimberley season is just around the corner and we cannot wait to share this incredible experience with you. In less than two weeks, we will be embarking on a journey through one of Australia's most spectacular regions, filled with stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and fascinating history.

🚢 Discover the Kimberley in 2023:

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Ian Morris will be joining us once more for our Kimberley Webinar! Join us tomorrow at 3:30pm (AEST QLD) to delve into all things Kimberley. Whether you're curious about expedition cruising or eager to learn more about the waterfalls, islands, rock art sites, and beaches we explore, this is the perfect opportunity to tune in.

🦎Register to Join online:

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📍Silica Beach 

Step ashore onto the pure white silica sand at aptly named Silica Beach. This land’s traditional owners are the Mayala people, and the Indigenous name of Silica Beach is Ngalangalangarr.

Take in the pristine and pure waters that lap the sparkling white sand beach. Take a barefooted stroll along the flawless sand, surrounded by towering rock formations.

Rock Figs ficus platypoda and rock-dwelling Eucalypts like eucalyptus brachyandra thrive in this wild landscape, as well as birdlife including Striated Pardalotes and Double-barred Finches.

Visit our website to discover the Kimberley 

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Join Coral Expeditions tomorrow at 2:30pm (AEST QLD) for The Kimberley Cruise Webinar with Guest Lecturer Ian Morris joining us to talk all things the Kimberley. 
If you are curious about the world of expedition cruising or interested to know about some of the unique waterfalls, islands, rock art sites & beaches we visit, then tune in!

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📍 The Horizontal Falls are one of the Kimberley’s biggest attractions and are a result of the mammoth 11m tides for which the Kimberley is renowned. Naturalist David Attenborough described the Horizontal Falls as ‘one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.’

This natural phenomenon has been created as the ocean thunders through a narrow gorge in the McLarty Ranges. Water builds up on one side and is forcibly pushed through the bottleneck, creating a rushing horizontal waterfall of swiftly flowing seawater. Riding the rapids on our Zodiac inflatable tenders is one of the highlights of our Kimberley expedition cruises.


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Sail into beautiful Prince Frederick Harbour, known for its abundant and diverse wildlife on your way to Lumbarni Island.

This is the land of the Wandjina people where you will be given the opportunity to learn about and explore traditional ‘story places’ and view ancient art belonging to the Wandjina painted on the walls, ceilings and floors of natural rock formations and caves. These bold paintings are a remarkable insight into the rich culture of the land and the stories of early life and contact between cultures.

Feel a deep spiritual connection with the past as you explore this ancient site of great natural splendour.
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Fed by the King George River draining across the Gardner Plateau, 80m tall King George Falls are the most impressive Kimberley waterfalls and the highest twin falls in Western Australia. Before reaching the mist-like spray rising from the base of King George Falls, we cruise through steep-sided gorges carved by a flooded river system that carved a swathe through the Kimberley landscape 400 million years ago.

Early in the waterfall season, we may cruise around the base of impressive King George Falls while in later months we take the opportunity to view the honeycomb erosion patterns of sandstone cliffs up close.
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Hunter River is where turquoise waters contrast with steep ochre rock escarpments interspersed with pockets of lush green vegetation. Running 30 kilometres long, it is said to be home to the highest density of estuarine crocodiles in comparison to any other river in the vast Kimberley region.

Hunter River holds high cultural significance to the Wunambal Gaambera people as it houses the mythical Wunggurr, known as the creator snake. The Indigenous people of this land are the Wunambal people, and the Indigenous name for this area is Yirinni.
Staterooms Available for Kimberley 2023 🚢

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Explore Australia’s Kimberley on an unforgettable adventure. Learn from our knowledgeable expedition team who share their passion for this land. Expert guides interpret 40,000-year-old rock art and retrace the history of Phillip Parker King who first charted this spectacular coastline 200 years ago. Witness waterfalls cascading off Montgomery Reef as it rises out of the ocean and experience the thrill of riding the Horizontal Falls in inflatable Zodiac tender vessels. This is a true Australian adventure. 

The Kimberley Cruise | Departs Darwin & Broome 

🚢 Discover the voyage:

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Join us aboard Coral Discoverer on our new special themed expedition, "Art and Culture of the Kimberley and Tiwi Islands" as we set sail across the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf to discover the rich modern culture of the Tiwi Islands and the ancient rock art of the eastern Kimberley.

Broome to Darwin | 10 Nights 
Join the Voyage:
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Iron Islands is a sight of significant interest. Rugged cliffs of deep orange ochre have been forged by powerful tidal flows and tectonic pressure over thousands of years.

Unique native flora and fauna flourish in the wilds of this remote location including sea turtles and nesting sea birds.
🚢 Expedition: The Kimberley Cruise

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On our expeditions to the Kimberley region, we have the extraordinary opportunity to behold the natural phenomenon of the world’s largest inshore reef, Montgomery Reef. In a one-of-a-kind marine spectacle, the ocean recedes with a tidal flow anywhere from 4 to 10 metres to reveal a thriving flat top reef.

See birds hunting for the newly exposed lagoon for marine life in the rock pools and be entertained by green sea turtles exploring the shallow reef. Our expedition team will share their knowledge of the reef and wildlife. Native birds sighted here include Caspian Tern, Pied Cormorant and the uncommon White-winged Black Tern.

The Indigenous name for Montgomery Reef is Yowjab and the channel is named Wilyjaru by the Dambimangari people.
🎥 Expedition Leader: @karla_inthewild 
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Heading back to Coral Geographer to finish the day with drinks on the Vista Deck, watching the glorious Kimberley sunset.

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At Talbot Bay, witness Horizontal Falls, the falls unlike any other, where water rushes horizontally through two narrow gorges carved through the McLarty Range. This natural phenomenon is caused by strong tidal currents, creating a waterfall effect.

You’ll see enormous sandstone ridges showcasing geological colours and textures carved out by nature’s forces reflected in the pristine flowing waters. Ride a zodiac through the falls and feel the forceful water swirling around you. Soak in the picturesque scenery, knowing the rock structure is one of the most iconic and photographed views of the Kimberley region. Be on the lookout for wildlife including short-eared rock wallabies and sea eagles.

The Indigenous name for Horizontal Falls Marine Park is Lalang-garram, home to the Dambimangari people. The name Lalang-garram evokes the saltwater as a spiritual place of great natural abundance. The Indigenous name for Horizontal Falls is Garaangaddim. Even Sir David Attenborough referred to this place as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”.

🎥 Expedition Leader: @karla_inthewild 
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Coral Expeditions has announced a major expedition cruise promotion aimed to attract Australian explorers to visit the Kimberley in 2023 to take advantage of spectacular conditions after the big wet season and support the region’s industry.
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