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Australian Geographic Partnership

An All-Australian Alliance

Our partnership with Australian Geographic established in 2018, is an alliance that brings together over 65 years of shared passion and experience for education, discovery, travel, and science. Together, we develop a series of annual expeditions, which are hosted ba curated program of scientific, cultural, historic, and nature projects, which will come to life onboard throughout our partnership. Guest will have the chance to participate in these projects during their voyage. Our partnership also supports the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year and the Australian Geographic Adventure Awards, inspirational pathways through which Australian photographers and adventurers are nurtured.

Partnered Expeditions

Across The Great Australian Bight | Adelaide To Fremantle | 13 Night

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cross the Great Australian Bight, this voyage will visit hard-to-reach islands and iconic National Parks along the south coast. Enjoy guided walks along secluded beaches at locations such as Cape Arid National Park, Cape Le Grand, and Bremer Bay.  Among the scattered islands and outcrops of the Archipelago of the Recherche, discover the homes of sea lions. Enjoy time ashore with sunset drinks with the kangaroos at Lucky Bay, see the stingrays at Hamelin Bay, and taste the wines of the Margaret River region.

> Departs 16 Nov 2022

The Solar Eclipse Expedition | Darwin - Broome | 13 nights

Solar Eclipse

Join us aboard Coral Adventurer on our special ‘The Solar Eclipse Expedition’. Experience an unobstructed view of the rare hybrid solar eclipse event from isolated Ashmore Reef. Continue on to visit iconic attractions along the Kimberley coast including legendary waterfalls, awe-inspiring tidal phenomenon and soaring rock formations carved by immense tectonic pressure.

> Departs 15 April 2023

Citizen science on the Great Barrier Reef | Cairns to Cairns | 14 nights

Citizen Science Dive Great Barrier Reef

Join us on a hands-on journey of science and conservation on a Citizen Science Great Barrier Reef expedition in partnership with Australian Geographic. Learn about marine conservation and research facilities in the company of guest lecturers, scientists and like-minded fellow travelers. Contribute to species surveys, wildlife rehabilitation and coral science while enjoying snorkelling and diving in the pristine outer reefs and atolls of the Coral Sea.

> Departs 23 October 2023

Through The Islands & Atolls Of Micronesia | Manila To Kavieng | 25 Nights

islands and atolls of micronesia

New Release: This voyage exploring the remote islands and atolls of Micronesia tracks eastwards from Manila through the Philippines and the islands of Micronesia. Share in the spirit of local islanders and partake in centuries-old cultural traditions such as dancing, weaving and carving while visiting more recent historical artifacts from World War II.

> Departs 9 November 2023

Nature Photographer of the Year Competition

The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition, run by South Australian Museum, continues to be a brilliant showcase for the unique flora, fauna and landscapes of this part of the world. Coral Expeditions are thankful and grateful to be a partner of the awards in what is now our 5th year. Every year we are inspired by the striking photography that is entered across all categories. We, along with our guest community of over 60,000 past passengers, have a shared love and curiosity of nature. We are lucky to be able to explore some of the most remote natural places in our region year-round. This partnership with the South Australian Museum and Australian Geographic is such a natural fit for us and one we look forward to continuing long into the future.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome the overall winner onboard to see what we do and to share stories and insights with our guests – whether it’s to explore the iconic Kimberley or to venture further afield to remote Papua New Guinea. We had 2020 winner Matt Beetson join our 10-night Kimberley cruise last year, and 2021 winner Scott Portelli will be joining our upcoming “Solar Eclipse” voyage. We look forward to welcoming 2022 winner Ashlee Jensen onboard to explore with us in the near future too!

Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and the category winners. These amazing photographers are true explorers, and they really do capture nature in all its beauty and rawness.

Take a look at some of the 2022 category winners below.

Overall Winner

Competition_NPOTY_2022_Animals in Nature_finalist
Nature’s Prey | Ashlee Jansen, Western Australia
Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), and Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) | Coral Bay, Western Australia
A humpback whale carcass found on the ocean floor, stripped clean of its flesh by surrounding sharks. This sub-adult whale died while making the annual migration north along the Ningaloo Reef. A harsh act of Mother Nature, but an important part of the natural ecosystem.


Animals in Nature Winner

Competition_NPOTY_2022_Animals in Nature_finalist
Night Light Dining | Jannico Kelk, Queensland
Dusky leaf-nosed bat (Hipposideros ater), and Firefly (Lampyridae) | Ella Bay National Park, Queensland
Each spring, the Great Dividing Range is treated to a magical event. After sunset, bioluminescent fireflies emerge from the darkest corners of the forest for a short time. However, they’re not entirely safe. Insectivorous dusky leaf-nosed bats leaving their roost capture fireflies mid-flight, displaying a stunning acrobatic aerial battle.


Threatened Species Winner

Competition_NPOTY_2022_Threatened Species_finalist
Ocean Giant | Jake Wilton, New South Wales
Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) Status: Endangered | Coral Bay, Western Australia
A whale shark engulfs a bait ball of fish on the Ningaloo Reef. Little is known about this behaviour, as it is so rare only a handful of records exist. The sharks are too slow, so must rely on the efforts of other predators such as tuna to catch them.


Monochrome Winner

Fish Rock Cave | Matt Krumins, Victoria
Grey nurse shark (Carcharias taurus) | Fish Rock Cave, South West Rocks, New South Wales
A school of critically endangered grey nurse sharks hover almost motionless in front of the 24m-deep entrance to Fish Rock Cave. It’s such a privilege to see this number of sharks in one place, and whilst ominous in appearance, these incredible animals are generally considered harmless unless provoked.

The competition opens each year around the end of November, and we encourage adventurous photographers to enter! View more competition details HERE >

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