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Our Expedition Voyage Logs

Voyage Diaries from Past Expeditions

Our voyage logs are a compendium of daily reports written by our expedition team, summarising the events during each expedition. They provide insight into the expedition, from the sailing conditions to the activities enjoyed at each destination. Each trip has its own unique elements; read an expedition log to find out more about the Coral Expeditions experience.

Day 1 - Milford Sound 19.01.23 (Amber) (4)

Voyage Log | Fiordland & the South Coast – January 2024

23rd April 2024
Follow the voyage as Coral Adventurer journeys deep onto New Zealand’s majestic fiords and the natural wonders of the South Island.
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Day 4 - Mitchell Falls Helis - 16.04.24 - Sara (107)

LIVE from the Kimberley

19th April 2024
Follow along as the Coral Discoverer embarks on her first Kimberley expedition for the 2024 season.
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Day 5 - Enderby Island - 08.01.24 Sara12

Voyage Log | Expedition to the Albatross Latitudes – January 2024

27th February 2024
Follow the voyage as Coral Geographer sails into the wilds of New Zealand’s Southern Ocean from the deep and quiet fiords of Murihiku (Southland) to the mysterious and protected wildlife reserves and remote landscapes of the sub-Antarctic Campbell and Auckland Islands.
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Tufi Papua New Guinea

Follow The Voyage: Circumnavigation Of Papua New Guinea – January 2024

17th January 2024
Follow the voyage as Coral Adventurer circumnavigates New Guinea, explores remote destinations and witnesses vibrant culture.
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Cape Donington

Voyage Log: Wild Islands of South Australia – December 2023

16th January 2024
Follow the voyage as Coral Geographer ventures into the Wild Islands of South Australia and explores iconic locations like Antechamber Bay, Flinder Island, Coffin Bay and more.
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Coral Adventurer

Australian Circumnavigation 2022 Film

6th December 2023
Our sold-out inaugural Australian Circumnavigation in 2022 was an incredible experience. Documented by an onboard videographer in a short film series made up of four episodes, you can now watch the journey online. Our onboard Expedition Team also kept a voyage log if you prefer some light reading.
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Islands and Atolls of Micronesia

Follow The Voyage: Through The Islands & Atolls Of Micronesia

13th November 2023
Apo reef is one of those places well known to divers worldwide. This small island has one of the best protected examples of a coral community in the country.
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Voyage Log: Island Trails Of The Philippines – Coral Adventurer October 2023

13th November 2023
A picturesque island view awaited as the Coral Adventurer arrived at Calayan giving us the opportunity to dive from the Xplorer and swim our way to the sandy shore.
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Day 4 - Osprey reef - GRB - 25.11.2022

Citizen Science on the Great Barrier Reef – Coral Discoverer

5th November 2023
Learn about the adventures of our guests aboard Coral Discoverer as they journey into the Great Barrier Reef with Citizen Science.
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Voyage Log: Abrolhos Islands & The Coral Coast – Coral Geographer

2nd November 2023
Learn about the adventures of the guests and crew aboard the Coral Geographer for our Abrolhos Islands and The Coral Coast.
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Cuatros Islas, Philippines

Follow The Voyage: Island Trails Of The Philippines

31st October 2023
We boarded the Coral Adventurer ready to embark on our journey through the island trails of the Philippines.
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Coral Adventurere - Solar Eclipse by Scott Porteli

Voyage Log: Solar Eclipse Kimberley Cruise 2023

27th October 2023 by Ian Morris
To our relief, the sky is perfectly cloudless, giving us ideal conditions to observe this unique astrological event.
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David Kirkland - Ryukru Islands

Voyage Log: Through Japan’s Ryuku Islands, Fukuoka to Keelung – Coral Adventurer October 2023

24th October 2023
A beautiful sunrise greeted the Coral Adventurer as it pulled alongside the remote, active volcano of Suwanosejima, inhabited by less than fifty islanders.
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Through the Heart of Japan - Shimigu 420x250

Voyage Log: Through the Heart of Japan, Tokyo to Fukuoka- Coral Adventurer September 2023

20th October 2023
In the morning we explored the Osaka Castle with its massive walls. Time was then spent at the Kuromon Markets where we experienced the variety of Japanese food.
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Journey to Japan - Yokohama by Luke Jongens - 420x250

Voyage Log: Journey to Japan, Yap to Tokyo – Coral Adventurer September 2023

20th October 2023
We took to the beautifully warm and clear ocean kitted out in our snorkelling gear and set off in water which was 5 to 10 metres deep. It was a spectacular scene and there were so many fish, it was like swimming in an aquarium.
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