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South Australia Cruises

Expedition Cruises Of Australia’s Hidden South Coast

South Australia’s islands and gulf waters are some of the best-kept secrets of the Australian coastline. With 5000km of deserted shoreline and more than 300 islands, this region offers a diversity of natural wilderness including spectacular bays, remote islands and stunning sea-cliffs. Best of all, it remains wild and unspoilt. Experience a real sense of adventure and a vast array of wildlife – many of the islands are important sanctuaries for birds, kangaroos, wallabies, seals and sea lions. Along the way, indulge in the tastes of South Australia with fresh local seafood and wines complemented with our traditional warm Australian hospitality.


South Australia Voyage Logs

Woolford Family on Flinders Island

Wild Islands of South Australia

November 2022, Coral Geographer

“The deeply-weathered limestone ridge of Bob’s Nose loomed overhead. Our progress was watched by an Osprey mum, ensconced in her nest atop a nearby sea stack. With the Woolford brothers leading the way we made landfall and explored the vivid granite headland.” – Guest Lecturer Quentin Chester

Kangaroo, Wild Islands and Walks of South Australia

Wild Islands of South Australia

December 2021, Coral Adventurer

“We spent some time in the beautiful paper-bark forest along the edge of the waters and attracted a group of Superb Fairy-wrens who displayed and sang all around us – an excellent opportunity to discuss the intricate mating system of these enigmatic Australian birds. We then took the scenic path along the dune tops to the lookout on the top of the dune rise, with panoramic views of the estuary and Coral Adventurer in the bay.” 

Wild Islands of South Australia

February 2021, Coral Adventurer

“Every Coral Expeditions departure day is exciting but this one was extra-special. After 10 months tied up in Cairns the Coral Adventurer was – at last – back doing what she does best. Not just that, but Coral Expeditions was venturing into South Australian waters for the first time on a voyage to the state’s wild islands and remote shores.” – Guest Lecturer Quentin Chester

Cruise Onboard Coral Geographer In South Australia

The newest addition to our fleet, Coral Geographer is purpose-designed to access remote wilderness shores such as South Australia’s remote islands. This capable and comfortable ship can venture into rugged regions which are inaccessible to large cruise vessels. Boasting more than 1000 square metres of open deck space, she affords guests ample opportunity to view the pristine landscapes of South Australia and enables navigation into shallow bays, and disembarkation onto remote islands.

Australia’s Southern Coastline For True Explorers

This raw and rugged coastline is dotted with many islands and inlets carved by the Southern Ocean. Visit Kangaroo Island, Flinders Island and the Recherche Archipelago – brimming with human and natural histories and home to wildlife such as rare wallabies, sea lions and numerous bird species. Enjoy coastal walks along nature trails, often ending in ocean views or sweeping white-sand beaches. Hosted by expert guides, learn about the flora, fauna and history of these remote habitats. Along the way, enjoy the tastes of the Southern Coast – fresh regional seafood and hand-selected local wines.

Stokes Bay Kangaroo Island

Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

23rd January 2023
Dip into the turquoise waters of Antechamber Bay and take to the walking trails allowing further insight into the isolated, rugged landscape.
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The 300 islands of South Australia

Somewhere around latitude 30, just before you encounter the Roaring 40s, the Furious 50s and the Screaming 60s, sit South Australia’s 300+ islands.
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Woolford Family on Flinders Island

Flinders Island, South Australia

24th November 2022
Connect with nature in the wildlife haven that is Flinders Island. The island is privately owned by the Woolford family, who have lived on the island for generations operating a merino sheep farm and harvesting abalone. Their journey began on the island in 1979 and have since established a close connection with nature and a…
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Posts from our South Australia voyages

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Cruising South Australia with special guest Quentin Chester. Discover the hidden natural wonders of South Australia's islands and gulf waters, including remote islands, seaside cliffs, and a diverse array of wildlife. Don't miss the chance to explore the secrets of South Australia's stunning coastline this Wednesday at 9:30am (AEST QLD).

🦎Register to join online:

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A Christmas Welcome from Coral Adventurer Purser Sara 🎄🎅
"I’ve had lots of Christmases onboard celebrating with the crew… that is when the crew really become your home away from home. The crew of Coral Adventurer are very excited to welcome guests onboard for our cruise in South Australia over Christmas & New Year’s Eve departing on 23 December 2021. We have legs of ham and turkey coming, the Christmas tree is up, the crew are preparing a performance and it is guaranteed to be a fun time for all our guests & crew."

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Join us as we depart Adelaide and traverse the largely untouched coastline of Australia's Southern Coastlines, with Cape Willoughby, Troubridge Island, Coffin Bay and Flinders Island amongst some of our highlight excursions. Along the way, there are opportunities to indulge in the tastes of South Australia with fresh local seafood from the source and hand-selected local wines from the renowned South Australian vineyards.

Departures across Nov, Dec & Jan. Contact us to learn about our Refund Guarantee & Solo Traveller Offers available.

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