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Small Islands of Micronesia & New Guinea

Giant latte columns as tall as trees still stand on Tinian. Ancient stone paths crisscross the islands of Yap and Palau. The ghost cities of Nan Madol and Lelu remain mute and deserted, remnant of days and times long past that hold stories and legends of ancient island cultures that once flourished.

Join our small ship expedition cruises as we explore islands and atolls where life remains little-changed by the modernity of the outside world. Discover the diversity of tribal cultures with an intriguing vault of ancestral traditions and a rich confluence of culture and language. Experience a place of striking natural beauty; where the limestone karsts of Raja Ampat are fringed by vibrant coral gardens, where violently formed volcanic spires rise from the ocean in the Bismarck Archipelago and voyage into the rarely seen Louisiade Archipelago where palm-swathed islands, lassoed by stunning silica beaches, are strung across the Solomon Sea.

Witness to the traditional canoe building culture of remote and welcoming Laughlan Atoll and explore the biological wonder of Woodlark Island, home to over 40 rare and endemic wildlife species. Immerse yourself into the world’s most pristine and unique dive and snorkel environments like the thriving marine ecosystem and underwater wartime graveyard of the Japanese “ghost fleet” at Chuuk Lagoon. Swim among the ethereal and harmless Medusa jellyfish at Palau, and spot rare bird species in some of the most remotely isolated environs on the planet.

Along the way, discover ancient tales of navigating sea peoples, and hear stories of more recent WWII conflicts. Feel the embrace from the islanders and gain a depth of admiration for the intricate craftwork and artefacts they create to celebrate and preserve their culture.

Accompanied by our expert guides, find wonder in the far reaches of these remote island nations.

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Our Papua New Guinea Cruises:

New Guinea Circumnavigation | Darwin - Darwin | 35 Nights

Be one of a special few to join us on our full circumnavigation voyage around New Guinea. This one-off voyage is packed with highlights. Sailing in comfort aboard Coral Adventurer, you will experience many diverse cultures from the Spice Islands to the Sepik River, marvel at untouched landscapes, explore the wonders of Raja Ampat, and be immersed in one of the world’s last frontiers.

> Departs 29 December 2021

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Triton Bay TH

Onboard Coral Geographer, this expedition charts a course northwards from Australia to explore the Spice Islands of the renowned Coral Triangle. A region of striking natural landscapes and seascapes, you will encounter vibrant marine biodiversity ashore along the way. Be touched by genuine and warm welcomes as we share cultural traditions and performances shaped by the rich cultural history of island-dwelling people.

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Nan madol TH

This expedition tracks eastwards from Palau through the remote and rarely explored islands of Micronesia. Share the spirit of local islanders and partake in cultural traditions such as dance, weaving and carving as it has been done for centuries. Enjoy rare wildlife encounters above and below the surface with diverse bird species and unique marine life on offer throughout the voyage.

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CusCus TH

Voyaging into the far western reaches of the South Pacific Ocean, Coral Geographer cruises to far-flung islands, where village life remains little-changed and untouched by the outside world. Where remnants of volcanoes rise from the ocean in the Bismark Archipelago and palm-swathed islands lassoed by dazzling beaches of the Louisiade Archipelago are strung across the Solomon Sea.

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Papua New Guinea 2 TH

Immerse yourself in the wild and rugged scenery of Papua New Guinea, with its mysterious stories interwoven with cultural beliefs and ancient legends. Visit remote villages rich in culture and meet the people who have maintained their traditional way of life for generations. Papua New Guinea is home to the largest area of intact rainforest outside of the Amazon and this voyage uncovers little-visited islands and volcanic mountains, pristine rainforest wilderness areas forged by mighty rivers.

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Melanesian Discovery | Madang - Honiara | 12 Nights

Papua New Guinea TH

An exploration onboard Coral Geographer into the cultural diversity and natural beauty of this mysterious region. As we approach the mouth of Papua New Guinea’s largest river, the mighty Sepik, cruise past the magnificent active Kadovar Volcano for spectacular views from the deck.

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