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Japan & The Philippines

Explore the Small Islands of Japan & The Philippines

Join us as we set sail from Darwin on our expeditions to the Small Islands of Japan and the Philippines.

Charting northwards from Australia through West Papua and Raja Ampat, we trace history as we explore frontier lands that lie in the wake of war. Sail to the small islands of the Japanese Ogasawara and Ryukyu archipelagos, most of which remain untouched by Western travellers. Discover remote island life at traditional fishing villages and experience authentic encounters with local people, culture and nature.

This is Japan and the Philippines that most visitors have not seen. With only 120 like-minded passengers, an expert expedition team and warm Australian hospitality, there is no better way to experience these far reaches than by small ship.

Travel with ease on our optional charter flights providing a direct connection between destinations

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Coral Expedition Explores Japan

With fewer than 120 guests, Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer are perfectly positioned for expedition cruising around the Small Islands of Japan & The Philippines, designed to venture where few other cruise ships can go. The ship’s lightweight dual Xplorer expedition tenders allow for deeper exploration, on shore excursions and an easy, step-on embarkation from the ship’s main deck making it ideal for remote seaside villages and beaches in Japan and the Philippines.

History and Natural Beauty

This is Japan and The Philippines but not as you know it. Enjoy the ancient warrior traditional welcome of the kora kora canoes in Banda Niera and cruise the pristine landscape of Kitikita Waterfalls. Swim, snorkel and dive the aquamarine waters of the Northern Mariana Islands and visit UNESCO World Heritage sites. Experience Awa or “fool’s dance” which dates back 400 years at Tokujima and visit Osaka, the food capital of Japan. Be among the first overseas tourists to set foot on the remote Ryukyu Island and view a 25m tall giant cedar tree estimated to be up to 7,200 years old. Witness the natural beauty of Palaui Island National Park and its historic Cabo Engano lighthouse and cruise the Loboc River with traditional song and dance entertainment.


Voyage Log: Island Trails Of The Philippines – Coral Adventurer October 2023

13th November 2023
A picturesque island view awaited as the Coral Adventurer arrived at Calayan giving us the opportunity to dive from the Xplorer and swim our way to the sandy shore.
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David Kirkland - Ryukru Islands

Voyage Log: Through Japan’s Ryuku Islands, Fukuoka to Keelung – Coral Adventurer October 2023

24th October 2023
A beautiful sunrise greeted the Coral Adventurer as it pulled alongside the remote, active volcano of Suwanosejima, inhabited by less than fifty islanders.
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Through the Heart of Japan - Shimigu 420x250

Voyage Log: Through the Heart of Japan, Tokyo to Fukuoka- Coral Adventurer September 2023

20th October 2023
In the morning we explored the Osaka Castle with its massive walls. Time was then spent at the Kuromon Markets where we experienced the variety of Japanese food.
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Our Journey Through Japan & The Philippines

Wrapping up our voyage exploring Japan's Ryukyu Islands 🏯
We have spent the past few days voyaging into remote destinations within Japan and learning about the traditional culture of the locals, ancient history and cuisine. 
Discover the voyage. Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.

📸: @davidkirklandphotography 

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During our voyage through Japan's Ryukyu Islands, we've had the pleasure of connecting with locals at every destination by exploring their daily lives, enjoying their cultural performances, or learning about their history.
On our visit to Amami Oshima, we joined in with the local performers to learn a traditional dance.

Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.

#CoralAdventurer #cruise #expeditioncruise #Japan #ThroughJapansRyukyuIslands #FollowTheVoyage #CruiseJapan #JapaneseCulture #cruisemonth #CruiseMonth2023
With only 2 days left in our journey through Japan's Ryukyu Islands, @davidkirklandphotography has been documenting his experiences aboard the Coral Adventurer. Yesterday, he captured a remote sandbar on Kumejima Island, while our guests explored the other end of the island and snorkeled in search of marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.

#CoralAdventurer #cruise #expeditioncruise #Japan #ThroughJapansRyukyuIslands #FollowTheVoyage #CruiseJapan #JapaneseCulture #cruisemonth #CruiseMonth2023
Stepping into our next adventure aboard our voyage into the heart of Japan ⛩️

While exploring Mt. Shimizu we ascended the steps leading to the ruins of the Banshoin temple and quickly made it to the summit, which offered amazing 360-degree views of the island and the steep hills covered in fir trees.

Journey into the heart of Japan. Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio

#CoralAdventurer #cruise #expeditioncruise #Japan #ThroughTheHeartOfJapan #FollowTheVoyage #CruiseJapan #JapaneseCulture #cruisemonth #cruisemonth2023

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