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Islands of Indonesia

Expedition Cruising Komodo, Sulawesi, Borneo & Beyond

Embark on an unforgettable expedition series through island trails of the ancient East Indies to discover the rich history, fascinating cultures, and exotic wildlife of these remote realms. Explore the hidden treasures such as Alor in Lesser Sunda and Buton in Sulawesi, witness the multicoloured Kelimutu crater lakes, or conquer the stunning vista from the summit of Padar Island. Enjoy unique encounters with endemic wildlife including the legendary Komodo dragons, endangered orangutans, and the experience of swimming amongst harmless golden jellyfish. Immerse yourself in the pristine marine environs of the Coral Triangle, renowned for the most vibrant dive and snorkel opportunities in the world. With 40+ years of experience in expedition cruising we provide you with expert guidance that allows you to truly connect with these destinations.

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Island of Indonesia Voyage Logs

Broome to sing

To South Sulwaesi & Borneo for Christmas

Dec 2022, Coral Geographer

“Upon arrival at the Sekoyner River we transferred to wooden ‘klotok’ boats that would be our transportation for the remainder of the day’s adventure. A breakfast of Frittatas prepared by chef Jamie and his team was served on board as we cruised upriver spotting wild orangutans, orangutan nests, proboscis monkeys, kingfishers and other birdlife.”

Coral Adventurer Maiden Voyage Satonda & Tambora Village

Coral Adventurer’s Maiden Voyage

April 2019, Coral Adventurer

“We arrived at Satonda Island at 1230 and the Xplorer departed for Labuhan Kenanga Village. The welcome was beautiful under a magnificent shade tree on black volcanic sand. The Ale-Ale dance was performed and this is a very special traditional Sumbawanese dance only done on very special occasions. Costumes were traditional and very ornate.”

Chris Mclennan photography - Agats 3

Wildlife & Warriors

May 2019, Coral Adventurer

“We left the Coral Adventurer and as the two Xplorers approached the village of Syuru, we were surrounded by 35 large canoes full of standing warriors dressed in feathers and body paint, whooping and brandishing their weapons at us. It was an amazing welcome. The Xplorers then landed onto a small jetty for a walk along a rickety wooden boardwalk. We congregated around a central area to watch a traditional dance put on by the men and women.”

Our Ships Exploring The East Indies

Coral Geographer and Coral Adventurer are designed for tropical expeditions, featuring wraparound decks, private balconies, and outdoor dining to enjoy the balmy air and glorious sunsets. Open-sided Xplorer tender boats allow you to get up close and retrace the steps of the ancient seafarers.

Our Articles On Indonesia

In the Wake of the Makassans – Mark Daffey Photography

1st May 2024
Award-winning travel writer and photographer Mark Daffey recently joined us onboard Coral Geographer to capture the experience of our expedition ‘In the wake of the Makassans’.
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The Journey of Language from Hawaii to Sumatra

27th July 2023 by Ray Andrews
This story is of the word ‘Hawaii’ and how it helped solve the question of Polynesian dispersal across the vast Pacific Ocean. The word’s evolution can be traced from the far ends of the Polynesian triangle, all the way back to the mystical island of Sumatra in Western Indonesia.  
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Pinisi boat builders of Tana Beru Sulawesi

MEDIA RELEASE | Coral Expeditions Sets Sail for Komodo, Sulawesi & Borneo on New Voyage Series

22nd August 2022
The release of this three-expedition series presents an opportunity to discover the East Indies, including a circumnavigation of Sulawesi.
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Posts from our voyages exploring Islands of Indonesia

Explore the magnificent waterways and lagoons of Raja Ampat with time to swim in crystal clear waters and walk upon white-sand beaches amongst the many islands.

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Spend Christmas and New Years on expedition!🎄
Our seasonal voyages offer a range of choices, whether you prefer a yacht inspired journey close to home in Tasmania or seek to connect with more exotic adventures in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand or Borneo.

Book your Christmas and New Years voyage. Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.

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Explore Indonesia 🌴
Encounter rare and endangered wildlife, discover traditional Tana Toraja peak-roofed houses, and explore some of the world’s greatest dive sites with our new Eastern Indonesia expedition series.
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Yesterday afternoon at the Matalafung Traditional Village, Alor Island, the Coral Geographer guests were welcomed with a traditional Lego Lego dance. 

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