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In the Trail of Tasman 1


An epic voyage through the Indonesian Archipelago, The Trail of Tasman I is the Coral Adventurer’s maiden voyage. Travelling from Singapore to Darwin, Australia, the Coral Adventurer will follow a historic trail, visiting the places that the 17th century explorer Abel Tasman recorded in his voyage logs.

2019 is the 375th anniversary of Tasman’s voyages, and what better time for Coral Expeditions to follow his trail to these remote, spectacular, and historic regions.

> Departs 24 April 2019 aboard Coral Adventurer


Komodo Dragons & Krakatoa

komodo dragon coral expeditions

Take expedition cruising to the next level and venture deep into the wilds of Indonesia on this new itinerary filled with adventure, discovery and exploration.

With the help of an experienced Captain and expert crew and guides, uncover the secrets of the many islands that make up Indonesia, by swimming over coral reefs, hiking up volcano calderas, walking through rainforests and dipping into jungle-fringed waterfalls.

> Departs 15 January 2020


Welcome to the Maiden Season of the Coral Adventurer

Our brand new ship is built to take you closer to unspoilt vistas in comfort, style and safety.  A culmination of two years of design and three decades of passion for expedition cruising – Coral Expeditions is proud to invite you to experience the Coral Adventurer.

About Coral Adventurer

A note from master Gary Wilson

“Indigenous mariners of pre-written history have been sailing these waters for thousands of years – settling, trading and fishing; then it was the European explorers, in capable little sailing ships, that over a number of centuries, put these areas on the charts of the world and opened them up for further settlement and trade.
Our expeditions follow in the wake of some of these famous ships. One of my favourite ports is the Spice Island of Banda – it was from here that Willem Janszoon sailed the yacht (an armed scout ship) Duyfken to Cape York to become the first known European to touch the Australian coast in 1606. I was fortunate to sail as Mate and later Master of the replica Duyfken when we retraced that voyage in 2000.
However, there is one mariner, more than any other, that provides a historical connection to so many of the areas that we visit with Coral Expeditions – the Kimberley coast, Tasmania, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands – a superb seaman who made a series of remarkable voyages of exploration in some tough little ships that should be better known in history – Heemskerk, Zeehaen, Limmen, Zeemeeuw and Bracq. That man is Abel Janszoon Tasman.
2019 is the 375th anniversary of the 2nd of Tasman’s great voyages. In that year our new vessel, Coral Adventurer, will make her maiden voyage through the same waters that Tasman did, and his great explorations will provide the theme for our own voyages to these remote, spectacular and historic regions.”

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