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Raja Ampat, Borneo, Sulawesi & Islands of the East Indies

Join us aboard our state-of-the-art expedition ship Coral Adventurer for a series of expedition voyages through the world’s largest island chain. Explore enchanting small islands like Misool in Raja Ampat, Alor in the Lesser Sundas, and Buton in Sulawesi.  Stir your senses as we delve deeply into the rich history, ancient cultures and unique wildlife of the East Indies.

Visit the Banda islands, the epicentre of the world’s spice trade 350 years ago, where the air is still redolent of the fragrance of nutmeg and cloves.  At isolated Lamalera village, one of the last subsistence whaling communities in the world, get an appreciation of their traditions and lifestyle.  From the coastal town of Ende, take a bus to the Kelimutu crater, where you may cast a stone into the spectacular tri-coloured volcanic lake for good luck.   Stay ashore at a nearby hotel to enjoy the dawn tranquillity of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Borobodur temple.   Experience a behind-the-scenes encounter at Camp Leakey with the famed orangutans of Borneo, joining Coral Expeditions in the conservation mission of the station.

And if you are looking for opportunities to relax in nature, you are spoilt for choice amidst some of the world’s great marine parks.  At Roon Island, snorkel around a Japanese Zero plane wreck, as it shelters marine life in crystal clear shallow water.  At Cenderawasih Bay, swim with giant but docile whale sharks.  Bunaken and Lembeh offer some of the most vibrant marine environments in the world.

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Our Islands of The East Indies Cruises:

In the Wake of the Makassans | Darwin - Makassar | 14 Nights

Coral Adventurer will make her journey from Darwin up through the straits of the Indonesian archipelago on her way to Makassar, and will return the same way. These two voyages explore the undiscovered paradise of Indonesia’s less visited islands. Traditional lifestyles continue in regions of astounding beauty, and this journey takes you into the heart of it all. Encounter traditional cultures of extraordinary diversity from Pulau Alor, to Lamalera, Sagori, Torajaland and Tana Beru. Experience the sheer dramatic beauty of Indonesia at Flores, Komodo, and Takabonerate. This journey through the archipelago is a feast for the senses.

Solo-Travellers: Special Offer available on this voyage.

First-time guests: Save $1,400 per person on this voyage.

> Departs 27 February 2020
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Sulawesi Circumnavigation | Makassar - Makassar | 20 Nights

Discover the ancient seafaring kingdom of the Makassans on an expedition circumnavigation of Sulawesi and the eastern coastlines of Borneo. This rare and unique 20 night expedition aboard the Coral Adventurer takes in a full coastal exploration and a fascinating confluence of cultural heritage, natural beauty and unique wildlife. Famous for extraordinary cultures and maritime heritage, Sulawesi is inhabited by rare species such as small primates known as Tarsiers, the Sulawesi hornbill, the large-footed Maleo bird and the Celebes Macaque.

> Departs 12 March 2020: First-time guests save $1,400 per person

> Departs 19 March 2021: 10% Early Bird Now Available
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In the Wake of the Makassans | Makassar - Darwin | 14 Nights

From the 16th century, and possibly even earlier, Makassan trepanger fishermen began to venture southwards from their homeland in South Sulawesi through the Flores and Savu seas towards Australia. Following in the wake of the Makassans, Coral Adventurer voyages from Makassar to Darwin through the Indonesian archipelago, exploring the undiscovered paradise of Indonesia’s less-visited islands. Traditional lifestyles continue in regions of astounding beauty, and this journey takes you into the heart of it all. Encounter traditional cultures from Pulau Alor, to Lamalera, Sogori, Torajaland and Tana Beru.

Solo-Travellers: Special Offer available on this voyage in 2020.

> Departs 1 April 2020: First-time guests save $1,600 per person

> Departs 8 April 2021: 10% Early Bird Now Available
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Board Coral Adventurer for a cruise that combines extraordinary natural beauty and rare wildlife encounters with Indonesian culture and colonial history. Explore remote archipelagos and follow the routes of Spice Island traders and 17th century explorers. Be welcomed into ancient kingdoms and colourful villages on unforgettable Spice Islands and Raja Ampat adventure cruises.

> Departs 06 January 2021
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The centre-piece of this expedition onboard Coral Adventurer is a 3-day exploration through the nature lover’s paradise that is Raja Ampat. Harbouring over 75% of the world’s total coral and fish species, Raja Ampat’s pristine and brightly coloured reef systems offer perhaps the very best snorkelling and diving in the world today.

> Departs 18 January 2021
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Onboard Coral Adventurer, explore the island realms of the ancient East Indies including timeless rituals, historic beliefs, myths and legends passed down through generations. Listen to the harp-like sounds of the West Timorese Sasando, be immersed in the blessing ceremonies of fishermen at Lamalera and visit the iconic homes of Ratengaro villagers on Sumba Island who worship sacred relics stored beneath towering thatched roofs.

> Departs 30 January 2021: 10% Early Bird Now Available
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On this unique journey of discovery onboard Coral Adventurer, you will witness the confluence of history and culture in a region which was once at the heart of global maritime trade. Meet the fishermen at the helm of elaborate fishing vessels of Perencak, see the mesmerising warrior-like Gandrung dance, wander through royal cemeteries and visit ancient UNESCO-listed temples.

> Departs 9 February 2021: 10% Early Bird Now Available
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Into the Wilds of Borneo | Singapore - Makassar | 14 Nights

Explore the wild coastlines and exotic wildlife of Borneo on our inaugural expedition voyage from Singapore to Makassar over 14 nights onboard Coral Adventurer. On your journey, meet the Indigenous Dayak people and see their traditional longhouses in Sarawak, encounter proboscis monkeys with their pendulous noses and the striking hornbill bird species distinguished by colourful down-curved bills. Visit with rehabilitated orangutans at Camp Leakey, an orangutan conservation centre in Tanjung Puting National Park only able to be accessed with an adventurous journey through jungle-clad waterways aboard a traditional klotok boat.

> Departs 5 March 2021: 10% Early Bird Now Available
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Komodo Dragons & Krakatoa

Our expeditions between Darwin and Singapore retrace the 17th-century spice route pioneered by merchants who traded silks, cloves and nutmeg.  On our new expedition ship Coral Adventurer, cruise from island to island, witnessing the confluence of history, culture and wildlife unique to Indonesia.  Visit coastal villages where ironwood ships are built on the beach and textiles are woven on ancient looms, as they have been for generations. See the endangered orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park and the famed Komodo dragon on Rinca Island.  Amidst the volcanic backdrop of Krakatoa, we will pause to pay tribute to Australia’s WWII history at the wreck of HMAS Perth, tragically torpedoed in the Battle of Sunda Strait. In between historic sights and cultural adventures, there will be time to relax on white-sand beaches on little-visited islands and snorkel over vibrant coral gardens.


Explore the remarkable cultural and natural heritage of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in true expedition style aboard Coral Adventurer. Cruising in either direction between Darwin and Makassar or circumnavigating Sulawesi, Coral Expeditions shares the stories of Sulawesi on this memorable voyage. You will view rare wildlife like miniature primate Tarsiers, Sulawesi hornbills and Celebes Macaques. Depending on which voyage you choose, you will see Komodo Dragons, orangutans or the sun bears of Kalimantan. Relax on white-sand beaches, snorkel Indonesia’s famous Bunaken coral reefs and swim in the turquoise waters of Pulau Togean, home to Bajau sea gypsies and their stilt houses. Cultural highlights include Tana Beru where traditional phinisi boats are built on the beach, highland villages of Torajaland and their extraordinary funeral rituals and an exciting river journey through Amazon-like rainforest to the centuries-old trading town of Samarinda. Coral Expeditions Sulawesi expeditions promise Indonesian culture and natural beauty with all the comforts of Coral Adventurer.

The Indonesian government is planning new restrictions on tourism in Komodo Island national Park that may impact our ability to visit. At this point, we are unable to ascertain when and whether these restrictions will materialise.