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Expedition Cruises Of Cape York, Arnhem Land & The Torres Strait

Become immersed in the ancient Indigenous cultures and saltwater landscapes of Australia’s northern coastline on a voyage of discovery that takes you far off the beaten track in Arnhem Land, to the very tip of Australia at Cape York, into the Torres Strait and Kimberley. Experience traditions unchanged for centuries, sacred rock art and remote lands only permitted accessible by a fortunate few. Learn and understand the song lines and lore that shaped this ancient culture, and allow your expert guides to lead the way. See how generations have passed on artistic traditions, and how this important cultural legacy is being kept alive today. Coral Expeditions has had the privilege of introducing guests to this remarkable culture for over three decades, with the utmost respect and cultural sensitivity.


Cape York, Arnhem Land & Torres Strait Voyage Logs

Stanley Island-Northern Australia-Coral Expeditions

Cape York & Arnhem Land

5-16 October 2022, Coral Adventurer

“We awoke to find ourselves anchored off Stanley Island, the site of a remarkable history and heritage. The island has numerous rock art galleries that have been here for hundreds of years. This important cultural heritage has a well-constructed board walk to enable visitors to view one of the main galleries. Stanley Island is an integral part of the geographical and mythological complex of the Flinders Group. The rock art covering the walls are painted in red and white ochre on the red sandstone.”

Day 6 Cape York

Cape York & Arnhem Land

4-15 April 2021, Coral Discoverer

“Everyone had their photos taken near the sign and then enjoyed a glass of champagne or orange juice, or both. The more relaxed headed back to the ship, while those ready for some more adventures continued with myself and Tom along the Cape York ridge and down into the moist monsoon forest. As it was the wet season and access was limited for 4WD’ers, and the tip had been closed recently, the area was unusually clean and very lush. So it was a good time to look for some wildlife.”

Cape York Arnhem Land Trip Day 7

Cape York & Arnhem Land

2019, Darwin to Cairns, Coral Discoverer

“Landing at the boat ramp we had an enjoyable stroll along the foreshore to Badu Art Centre. We had a special kai kai lunch that had been prepared by the island women. We piled our plates with crayfish, chilli fish, pork, fish curry, lamb curry, sop sop (sweet potato and cassava cooked in coconut milk), salads, fried scones and damper. But that wasn’t all because the ladies had prepared dessert, custard and tapioca and it was hard to resist. Luckily we had a long walk back along the shore to burn up some calories. Back on the ship we were treated to traditional dancing by people from Moa Island.”

Discover Australia’s Top End onboard Coral Discoverer

The nimble and manoeuvrable Coral Discoverer is ideally built for this region. Her shallow draught enables her to get up close to destinations. She also boasts ocean views from all public spaces, making Cape York, Arnhem Land & The Torres Strait come alive from onboard. Xplorer and Zodiac boats are ideal for exploring the incredible and remote waterways on these expeditions.

Cruising Australia’s Remote North

Our team of Expedition Leaders and regular Guest Lecturers have a wealth of knowledge of the unique landscapes, flora and fauna and Indigenous cultures of Australia’s north. Passionate explorers, marine biologists, and naturalists, they provide onboard lectures and interpretation.  Meet the Tiwi people of Bathurst and Melville Islands, the Yolngu clans of Arnhem Land, and the Torres Strait Islanders of Thursday, Badu and Moa Islands. You’ll also discover a remote and captivating natural wilderness as you swim and snorkel over the colourful coral gardens of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, go ashore on rarely visited islands, and cruise through coastal rivers shaped by countless monsoon seasons.

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Partnership

1st July 2023
Coral Expeditions has proudly sponsored the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair for the last 6 years, and are committed to continuing in 2023 and beyond as a major partner of the CIAF ‘Collectors and Curators’ program. The festival is one of the highlights of North Queensland’s event calendar and is a true ‘coming together’ of the…
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Ian Morris - Badu Island

Understanding the Remarkable Lands of Northern Australia with Ian Morris

2nd March 2023
My involvement with this coastline began as a young boy, when members of my family were involved with rebuilding and developing the indigenous coastal communities which were bombed by the Japanese during WW2.
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Indigenous Artist Painting in Cape York Arnhem Land Torres Strait Region

Connecting with Art, Culture & Community through Cape York, Arnhem Land & the Torres Strait

1st September 2022
For thousands of years, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have passed down their stories and spirituality through spoken word and art, creating an unbroken lineage connecting people to place, culture and community.
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Posts from our Cape York & Arnhem Land voyages

Visit Stanley Island in the Flinders Island Group and take a walk to view the isolated Endaen Aboriginal rock art guided by a traditional owner who will offer an interpretation. The art here depicts the first sailing ships to visit Queensland shores.

🎥 Expedition Leader: @karla_inthewild 
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Enjoy a day exploring Forbes Island, an excellent spot for swimming, scuba, snorkelling or glass-bottom boat tours from the pristine sandy beaches. Hear the story of beche-de-mer fisherman Frederick Lancaster who inhabited this island and visit his gravesite.
🎥 Expedition Leader @karla_inthewild 
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Thursday Island is traditionally the land of the Kaurareg Aboriginal people, located 30 kilometres form the northern tip of Cape York, Queensland.

Torres Strait Creole is the dominant language spoken by the Islanders, although English is also spoken.

Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures merge in this region with their traditions being passed down from generation to generation. With open arms they invited us to come and learn about their sea-faring history, connection to the stars and land and their traditional hunting practices.

Their connection to land, passion for their culture and smiles are infectious!

🎥 Expedition Leader: @karla_inthewild 
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