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Expedition Cruise Cape York, Arnhem Land & the Torres Strait

Become immersed in the ancient Indigenous cultures and prehistoric landscapes of Australia’s northern coastline on a voyage of discovery that takes you far off the beaten track in Arnhem Land, to the very tip of Australia at Cape York, and into the Torres Strait. On our expeditions of the remote Northern Australian coastline, experience traditions unchanged for centuries, sacred rock art and remote lands only permitted accessible by a fortunate few. Learn and understand the song-lines and lore that shaped this ancient culture, and allow your expert guides to interpret ancient rock art. See how generations have passed on artistic traditions, and how this important cultural legacy is being kept alive today. Coral Expeditions has had the privilege of introducing guests to this remarkable culture for over three decades, so guests can rest assured of personal experiences conducted with the utmost respect and cultural sensitivity.

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Our Cape York, Arnhem Land & Torres Strait Cruises:

Cape York & Arnhem Land | Cairns to Darwin | 11 Nights


Discover the Northern Australian coastline and experience a voyage rich in culture and history. Explore the far reaches of Cape York, visit Indigenous rock art sites and enjoy time spent in the remote communities of Arnhem Land and the Torres Strait. Stand on the very tip of Australia and learn how the people of the Tiwi Islands keep their culture alive. This is truly a unique expedition, exploring the untamed regions of the continent.

> Departs March 2023 & 2024
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Cape York & Arnhem Land - Art Themed | Darwin to Cairns | 11 Nights

Spend 11 nights exploring the remote coastline of Cape York & Arnhem Land, focusing on the renowned Indigenous art centres located throughout this region. This themed expedition will be curated by a traditional artist whose expertise will provide an in-depth, immersive experience in these culturally rich areas. There will be hosted art classes onboard, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique pieces.

> Departs October 2023 & 2024
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Torres Strait & Cape York | Departs Cairns & Horn Island | 10 Nights

Torres Strait Coral Expeditions

With almost 300 islands dotted across the narrow stretch of water between Cape York and Papua New Guinea, the people of the Torres Strait Islands have a distinct and vibrant culture. An expedition by small ship is the ideal way to access these remote regions and guests will be rewarded with the chances to meet these island communities and share their culture in a low impact and sustainable environment. With decades of experience and a deep respect for the communities of the region, Coral Expeditions will facilitate an enriching journey with shore excursions accompanied and hosted by local elders who will share the customs and stories of this ancient country.

> Departs October 2024
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Sea-faring traders from as far away as Sulawesi in Indonesia visited the coast of northern Australia from as far back as the 17th Century. These Macassan traders came to collect trepang or sea cucumber which was considered a delicacy to be on-traded to the Chinese who use them for culinary and medicinal purposes.

In exchange, the Yolngu Aboriginal people from north-east Arnhem Land received cloth, tobacco, rice and knives. Macassan contact with the Aborigines influenced their culture, language, cuisine and art with Macassan perahu (sailing vessels) a prominent feature in northern rock art.

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