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Cruise New Zealand & The Sub-Antarctic

Expedition Cruise New Zealand’s Rugged Coast Line

New Zealand’s 15,000 kilometres of meandering coastline makes it uniquely suited to small ship expedition cruising. Access glacial fiords, walk forested trails and visit isolated villages. Journey to remote locations including Marlborough Sounds and Fiordland and the charming towns of Napier, Kaikoura, and Dunedin. Hike through Waimangu Volcanic Valley, journey deep into quiet fiords and encounter striking Māori traditions. Discover the unique character of east coast towns, admire lazing seals, pods of friendly dolphins and perhaps even the rare yellow-eyed penguin. Return to your ship after the day’s excursions to sample the country’s famed produce and wine.


Cruising the Sub-Antarctic

New Zealand Voyage Excerpts

Day 9 - Dunedin 15.01.23 (Mateo) (13) e 1080x1350

Milford Sound to Wellington

23 January 2023, Dunedin

“The views were beautiful this morning, sailing in with the sunrise as we arrived at Otago harbour. Our first activity for the day was the city tour, stopping at Signal Hill Lookout for some spectacular views of the city. From there, we made our way to the penguin reserve, where we saw penguins in rehabilitation and learnt about the threats these adorable birds face.”

Ducky Sounds

Milford Sound to Wellington

21 January 2023, Dusky Sound

“Our morning began at Astronomers Point, where Mark and Mateo talked about Cooks history in the Fiorland, the native vegetation, and Māori culture. It was amazing learning about the indigenous culture. That afternoon we set off for our cruise through Dusky sound, going to Luncheon Cove first then over to Pigeon Island.”

Expedition Dispatch - Akaroa2 2019

Auckland to Milford Sound

1 December 2019, Akaroa

“This afternoon we enjoyed a nature cruise out to the heads, exploring our way slowly back down the Akaroa coast. We saw many seals, a variety of seabirds and also went in and out of some of the coastal caves.”

Coral Expeditions Ships In New Zealand

From the deck of Coral Geographer or Coral Adventurer, you will admire New Zealand’s captivating coastlines. These expedition ships are purpose-designed to access remote and wilderness shores. The wide open spaces on these vessels gives you ample viewing as you cruise past the NZ coastline. You will be in the company of no more than 120 passengers along with our expert expedition guides and crew as you explore this incredible region. Our lightweight dual Xplorer tenders, a trademark feature of all our vessels, extend the capabilities of the ship by allowing deeper exploration on shore excursions. These ‘safari jeeps’ of the sea are fast, sturdy, and comfortable and developed to allow easy boarding from the ship and walk-off disembarkation onto remote shores.

See New Zealand From A Different Perspective

Home to awe-inspiring coastal landscapes, more than 25 marine reserves, a vibrant Māori culture, quaint seaside towns and an abundance of unique wildlife, New Zealand is a truly remarkable destination. Its sprawling coastline is best accessed by small ship, revealing the dramatic beauty of Fiordland, remote Stewart Island and captivating Marlborough Sounds. It is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on one side with its white sand, bays and beaches, and the wild Tasman Sea on the west coast with rugged cliffs, weathered rocks and stretches of black sand. Get up close and personal on our expeditions with local wildlife including dolphins, seals, wekas, tuis and keas. Venture further south into the mysterious wildlife reserves of the sub-Antarctic and Auckland Islands.

🐧Join us as we journey deep in the Southern Ocean to the World Heritage islands of the Australian and New Zealand sub-Antarctic

Visit our website to view the itinerary & book online. Link in bio.

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Coral Adventurer had a great day in Milford Sound, cruising alongside Stirling Falls for some spectacular and very close views of this beautiful waterfall.

🚢 Visit our website for more New Zealand expeditions

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Unwind and enjoy the adventure of an expedition voyage during the holiday season.
Spend your Christmas cruising the Bulu River spotting rare wildlife or uncovering ancient histories in the South Pacific, snorkelling at Tufi in Papua New Guinea or being immersed into the culture and flavour of New Zealand’s East Coast, even watching a Yacht Race from Sydney Harbour. We invite you to embark on a memorable voyage to celebrate the Christmas season on one of our expeditions departing December 2022 and 2023.

🎅 Discover Our Christmas Voyages on our website. 

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One of the highlights of our Expeditionary Voyage to Wallis & Futuna, is learning about the varied cultural influences and traditions of these remote island communities. Be one of few to visit Wallis and encounter the island’s multicultural history on our inaugural journey this December. 


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Expedition Leader Ash Peters shares her knowledge about the geology we will encounter on "An Expeditionary Voyage to Wallis & Futuna". This voyage will be sailing from Cairns to Auckland over 21 nights, departing 16 December 2022. 

🗺️ Join us >

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Expedition Leader Ash Peters shares her passion for expedition cruising, and excitement to visit the remote islands of Wallis & Futuna in December this year. 

Discover the voyage >

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📍 Wallis Island & The Kingdom of Tonga
Long disputed by the Samoans, the French and the Tongans, Wallis Island has historical ties with the Kingdom of Tonga. The Kingdom of Tonga became the only remaining kingdom in the Pacific in 1875, with the present king of Tonga, Tupou VI, beginning his reign in 2012. 
Some archaeologists surmise that Tonga’s settlement traces back at least 3,000 years and the that the first Polynesian arrivals occurred in circa 500 BC. When Captain Cook first discovered Tonga aboard HMS Endeavour, he coined the nickname for the region ‘the friendly islands’ in response to the welcoming nature of those he encountered while visiting. 

Be one of few to visit Wallis and encounter the island’s multicultural history on our inaugural journey into the South Pacific, ‘An Expeditionary Voyage to Wallis and Futuna’. 🗺️

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Have you heard of remote Wallis Island dotted in the South Pacific Sea? 🏝 It is believed that Wallis islands’ civilisation was of Austronesian origin due to archaeological excavation discoveries dating back to 1400 B.C. It is understood that, during the 15th century, settlements from Tonga arrived at the island and the legendary battles of the Tu’i Tongan warriors took place. Later, in 1767, Captain Samuel Wallis’ visit aboard HMS Dolphin marked the European discovery of Wallis – and earned the island its name. It wasn’t until the 1820s that contact with Europeans began taking place on the island. 

Join us in December to explore the rarely visited island of Wallis, home to vibrant Polynesian culture and remarkable historic and archaeological sites set against a pristine natural backdrop.

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New Release: This December, Coral Adventurer will cast off from Cairns for an inaugural expeditionary voyage to the remote islands of Wallis and Futuna, located 2,000 nautical miles into the South Pacific. 

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Join us in New Zealand to kick off the new year as we explore over 7,000km of New Zealand’s spectacular coastline while experiencing vibrant Maori culture & discovering wildlife species in their natural habitats.

Our New Zealand Voyages >

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NEW RELEASE: New Zealand 2021/22 season aboard Coral Geographer.

We have developed 3 new itineraries to showcase remote attractions of the region including exploration of rarely seen Subantarctic islands: Snares, Auckland & Campbell.

View itineraries on our website. 

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