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From humble beginnings on the Great Barrier Reef over 40 years ago, we have taken our unique style of Australian expedition cruising to the far-flung lands of the Kimberley, Tasmania and the Small Islands of Japan and Papua New Guinea. Wherever we go, we have one purpose – taking small groups of like-minded explorers to the most remote parts of the world with expert guidance and warm Australian hospitality.




This short travel film follows the journey of our 10-night voyage along the remote Kimberley coastline. 

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Beach Drinks

Kimberley Cruise

16 April 2024: Winyalkin

Today we ventured to Winyalkin where we cruised to the Cathedral Caves, witnessed the tiered Mitchell Falls and spotted ospreys. In the afternoon we went to Bigge Island Wary Bay Wandjina Art Site where we learned about the ancient rock art and ended our day with sunset drinks on the beach.
Air Craft

Kimberley Cruise

14 April 2024: Jar Island

We embarked on the Xplorer bound for Jar Island, where we immersed ourselves in the Gwion Gwion Rock Art Gallery. Guided by our guest lecturer’s insightful interpretations, we gained a deeper understanding of this ancient culture. After a satisfying lunch, we ventured to investigate the well-preserved wreckage of a US Airforce C-53 Skytrooper aircraft, uncovering its rich history.
King George Falls

Kimberley Cruise

13 April 2024: King George Falls

Today, aboard the Xplorer, we cruised into King George Falls. We learned about the area’s unique geology and boarded Zodiacs where we got up close to witness the thundering cascade and enjoyed a refreshing Kimberley shower in the waterfall’s spray.

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Reason #1 to visit the Kimberley - Remote Luxury
Reason #2 to visit the Kimberley - Spectacular Waterfalls
Reason number #3 to visit the Kimberley - Iconic Landscapes
The Kimberley is cherished for its remote and largely unspoiled landscapes, vibrant indigenous culture, and unparalleled biodiversity. Its rugged terrain and expansive wilderness evoke a sense of untouched beauty, drawing in adventurers and nature lovers eager to experience some of the nation's most pristine and secluded areas firsthand. Escape winter down south and join us in the Kimberley...
Reason #4 to visit the Kimberley - It's Full of Adventure
Reason #5 to visit the Kimberley - Unique Wildlife
On our Kimberley voyage you are likely to see a vairety of wildlife you've never seen before.
Reason #6 to visit the Kimberley - Sunsets 🌅
On a Coral Expeditions Kimberley cruise, the sunset ignites the horizon with fiery oranges, golden yellows, and deep crimson hues.
A pristine sand cay emerged from the ocean, inviting us to explore. Stepping onto the warm sands from the Xplorer vessel felt like a dream. We set up a cozy retreat and toasted with champagne, marveling at the panoramic views and serene sounds of nature. The afternoon sun painted the sky in breathtaking colors. As the sun set, we reluctantly left, cherishing the memory of that magical afternoon forever... #CoralAdventurer
Pack your bags, the Kimberley is calling... ✈🧳🛳

For the 2025 season, we've launched our Kimberley Explore Package! Enjoy flights from any major Australian city with Qantas, one pre-night's accommodation at the Mangrove Hotel (Broome) or Vibe Waterfront (Darwin) with breakfast, and pre and post transfers. Subject to certian stateroom categories.
Watch our dreamy zodiac explore the Kimberley⛅️

Can you guess the name of this river? 🚤

Our Fleet of Expedition Ships & Tenders

Our fleet of three expedition ships are Australian-flagged and crewed. With only 120 guests, there are no queues, long waits, or assigned meal slots. Instead, enjoy a relaxed, convivial atmosphere shared with like-minded explorers. The shallow draft and high manoeuvrability of our ships gets us closer to explore the sheltered bays, hidden inlets and fishing villages inaccessible to larger ships. All our ships feature our trademark Xplorer tenders, our open-sided safari boats that make excursions pleasant and safe.

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