July 2019 – Coral Adventurer – Mitchell Falls Helicopter visit on the Kimberley expedition

Submitted By: Peter Bakalor

A wonderful experience, with great views from the chopper of the plateau and the Falls. Low water year, but still impressive. Also impressive from above: the Xplorer at full bore.

The vastness of the Kimberley comes home to me when I look at the photo of the Zodiac at the landing, choppers on the beach, and the immense rock formations behind.

Chopper rides are always exciting, but this one was in a spectacular setting. We cruised into the beach on the Zodiac, then had our briefing from the pilot, and off we went. Once we got used to the wind buffeting and convinced ourselves we wouldn’t fall out, the spectacular view and photo opportunities came one after the other. From Coral Adventurer you see many amazing sights, but don’t get an idea of the landscape and geography in the way that you can from the helicopter. Now the course of the river was clear, as it wound its way to the falls and then out to sea. We spotted a croc basking at the riverside, undisturbed by us, then passes over the falls, with those on each side being given a turn to get a direct view.

After the poor winter rains, the water flow was modest, but that didn’t take away from the beauty of the landscape. One can only imagine what it must be like when the falls are in full flow.

Once on the ground, we walked to an overlook for a closer view. Some folks chose to take a dip in the pools above the falls, and a party of trekkers arrived from the other side of the river, looking hot and bothered. We helicopter arrivals didn’t envy them their exercise in the hot sun.

Our ride back gave us more views of the terrain, an Xplorer using all of its 600 horsepower powering through the water, and a lone fisherman on the rocks. How did he get there?

Exhilarating just doesn’t do this excursion justice.- loved it.

   Peter Bakalor Mitchell Falls Kimberley 1  Peter Bakalor Mitchell Falls Kimberley 5   Peter Bakalor Mitchell Falls Kimberley 3