Tiwi Islands, off Australia’s North Coast

Where are the Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi Islands, located off the coast of Northern Territory, Australia, are known for their rich and unique art and culture. They consist of Bathurst Island and Melville Island, with a unique culture and rich natural heritage. The Tiwi people, who have lived on the islands for thousands of years, have a strong connection to their land, their ancestors, and their traditional customs. Their art is a reflection of their beliefs, traditions, and daily life, and has gained worldwide recognition for its beauty and significance.

Carvings of the Tiwi Islands

One of the most prominent forms of Tiwi art is their traditional carvings. The Tiwi people are skilled at carving a range of objects, including spears, boomerangs, and woomeras. Their carvings are not only practical tools but also artistic expressions that reflect their culture and spirituality. One of the most important and well-known forms of Tiwi carving is the Pukamani pole. These intricately carved poles are used in funeral ceremonies and depict the life of the deceased through a series of symbols and designs.

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Paintings of the Tiwi Islands

Tiwi painting is another notable form of art that is highly valued by collectors and art enthusiasts. Tiwi paintings are characterized by bold colours, geometric patterns, and intricate designs. Tiwi artists use natural pigments to create their works, and their subjects often include traditional stories and symbols. Many Tiwi artists also incorporate contemporary elements into their paintings, resulting in unique and innovative pieces that reflect both the past and the present.

Textiles of the Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi people are also renowned for their textiles, which are woven from natural fibres and dyed with natural pigments. Their textiles include ceremonial skirts, headbands, and other garments, and often feature intricate designs and patterns.

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Music & Dance of the Tiwi Islands

Music and dance hold significant cultural importance for the Tiwi people and are integral to their daily life as well as all ceremonies. Tiwi culture boasts a rich musical tradition that incorporates a variety of instruments such as clapsticks, didgeridoos, and more. Additionally, each individual has their own distinct style of dance which is influenced by the dreaming and dance inherited from their father’s side, the totem or clan dance from their mother.

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Visiting the Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi Islands art and culture are an integral part of the Australian Indigenous art scene. Their traditional and contemporary works are highly prized by collectors and are celebrated for their unique beauty and cultural significance.

In 2023 & 2024 join us onboard Coral Discoverer for our special culture-themed expeditions ‘Art and Culture of the Kimberley and Tiwi Islands’ as we set sail across the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf to discover the rich modern community of the Tiwi Islands and the ancient rock art of the eastern Kimberley.

This 10-night journey will connect you with the vibrant modern culture of the Tiwi Islands and take in the vast Kimberley coast and its ancient rock art galleries dating back over 40,000 years. Visit a local co-operative gallery at Munupi Arts Centre on Melville Island, where guests can purchase art at the source, participate in workshops and view cultural performances. We will also visit Tiwi Design on Bathurst Island, one of the oldest and most artistically diverse art centres in Australia.