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Small Islands Of The Philippines

Join an exciting expedition aboard Coral Adventurer, and journey from the towering marble valleys of Taroko Gorge in Taiwan and into the limestone karst islands of the Philippines, where hidden beaches are overlooked by craggy green-mantled ridges. Discover a Spanish colonial history that has left mysterious forts and ruins across the islands and explore the remote outer islands where snorkelling reveals an abundance of marine life. Finally, our voyages traverse the exciting coast of Borneo, where remarkable wildlife experiences of orangutans, sun-bears, gibbons and numerous native birds await.

Our Philippines Cruises:

Island Trails of the Philippines | Keelung - Manila | 16 Nights

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

On Taiwan’s east coast, wander the elevated boardwalks, suspension bridges and hiking trails that wind through picturesque marble-walled valleys and past tumbling waterfalls of Taroko Gorge National Park. After a walk through lush forest, be rewarded with a swim at a freshwater swimming hole at Mugua River Gorge.

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Coastal Trails of The Philippines & Borneo | Manila - Singapore | 16 Nights

proboscis monkeys TH

Visit Lubang Island and see Onoda Cave where Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda hid for 29 years, believing incorrectly that WWII was still raging. Snorkel and dive on Apo Reef whose coral reefs teem with over 280 species of tropical fish.

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