Verity Rowland

Second Officer

Having joined Coral Expeditions in 2011 as a cruise attendant, throughout her 10 years with us she has worked with many captains, deck officers and crew. “They have all taught me something that helps me to be the best at my role. Most recently, Captain Craig and JB have taught me the new skill of how to drive an azipull vessel.”

“Nearly 10 years working at sea with this Company. Coral Expeditions I, Coral Expeditions II, Coral Discoverer and Coral Adventurer and the 4 ships I have worked on to date. I’ve done nearly every itinerary the company has to offer. I’ve worked my way from a cruise attendant to a purser, to a maritime trainee, deckhand, senior deckhand, and now second officer. In a week I will join the newest vessel of the fleet Coral Geographer as a second officer.”