Kerry Howe

Kerry Howe grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and soon fell in love with the sea. He has a PhD from the Australian National University and is internationally regarded for his 11 books on aspects of the prehistory, history and cultures of the Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand. Among his later works is the award winning Vaka Moana. Voyages of the Ancestors, about the human settlement of the Pacific Islands.  He has taught and researched in numerous countries including Australia, USA and Canada. He gained the rare title of Distinguished Professor, and retired in 2008.

In addition to his on-going research interests, he and his wife have a small yacht which they sail as often as possible around Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and beyond. For 40 years Kerry was Professor of Pacific History (now retired) and is very familiar with the prehistory, history, cultures and politics of the Pacific Islands from New Guinea right across to the easternmost islands of Polynesia.