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Each guest booked to travel will need to update their personal information using the link below, including contact details, dietary, medical & vaccination information, statement of insurance and SailSAFE declaration. These sections are mandatory for each guest to complete before departure.

1. Complete your Personal Details including Contact Details and Emergency Contact information.

2. Complete your Additional Information which includes Dietary Information, Medical & Vaccination Information, pre and post cruise details including flights and accommodation, statement of Insurance and acknowledgements, and SailSAFE Declaration.


When completing your Additional Information please click EXPAND and complete each drop down available.

Capture3-CLICK   Capture3-EXPAND


Some browsers may have trouble loading the page. If your login screen does not appear, please refresh your page using the commands below.
1. Refresh on Apple/Mac - Hold down the command (CMD) button and press the letter R to refresh the page.
2. Refresh on Microsoft/Windows - Hold down the shift key and press F5 this will refresh the page.

If your cruise is a domestic departure you are not required to complete the passport page

Please ensure you click to enter the correct date of your final vaccination dose - This will automatically default to todays date, and you will need to click through the arrows to find the correct month and select your final vaccination date.

Please ensure you expand each section under your Additional Information section of the personal link - Although it says 'Complete' at the end, you will need to click through each drop down to ensure you have complete each section before you select 'Complete'.


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