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We understand that as the excitement for your cruise builds, you might have questions for our team. The below frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) should clear up any queries you may have. For anything not answered below, please email

Before you sail, you will also receive detailed pre-departure documents providing a range of information on your packing, your destination, and your ship.

Q. Is there a Doctor or Nurse onboard? What if I get sick onboard?

While senior crew are trained in remote area first aid, it is important to note that we do not employ doctors or nurses on board our cruises. As our itineraries cover remote regions, they are not suitable for those with serious medical conditions. Any ongoing medical issues should be disclosed to reservations staff at the time of booking.

If you become ill whilst on board, please alert the Purser to your symptoms. You may be requested to remain in your Stateroom whilst symptoms persist or asked to wear a protective mask, to contain the spread of any contagion. Frequent handwashing, utilising the sanitizing hand gels placed around the vessel, and using tongs provided on the meal buffets will all help to prevent the spread of sickness.

Q. Where do we board and what time?


Boarding is at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cnr Wharf & Lake Streets, Cairns QLD 4870.

Please phone 1800 079 545 24 hours prior to your departure to confirm the wharf number.

Great Barrier Reef

Monday (4 night Northern) boarding commences at 4pm for 5pm departure
Friday (3 night Southern) boarding commences at 10am for 11am departure

Cape York & Arnhem Land (11 nights)

Boarding commences at 10am for 11am departure


Boarding is at Fort Hill Wharf, 2 Kitchener Dr, Darwin City NT 0800.

As this is a secure wharf, please have with you; Photo ID and your printed boarding passes.

Please phone our representative in Darwin – Northern Gateway on 08 8941 1394 24 hours prior to your departure to confirm.

> Spice Islands & Raja Ampat

Boarding commences at 4pm for 5pm departure

> The Kimberley

Boarding commences at 8am for 9am departure

> Cape York & Arnhem Land

Boarding commences at 5pm for 6pm departure


Boarding is at Deep Water Port, 401 Port Dr, Broome WA 6725.

As this is a secure wharf, please have with you; Photo ID and your printed boarding passes.

Please phone our representative in Broome – Broome Taxis 08 9192 5252, 24 hours prior to your departure to confirm.

> The Kimberley
Boarding commences at 4:30pm for 6pm departure


Boarding is at Hobart’s Macquarie Wharf, Hunter St, Hobart TAS 7000.

As this is a secure wharf, please have with you; Photo ID and your printed boarding passes. Please phone 1800 079 545 on the Friday prior to your departure to confirm.

> Tasmania
Boarding commences at 4pm for 5pm departure

Q. If I want to scuba dive onboard, do I need to prepare anything?

For persons who wish to participate in either Certified diving or Introductory diving (also referred as Resort diving) you must be in good health for diving.
A medical history of heart or lung disorders, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or narcolepsy shall prevent you from diving unless a medical certificate that addresses the condition is produced. To avoid disappointment on your cruise Coral Expeditions highly recommends you complete a dive medical prior to your journey and encourages certified divers who may not have dived in recent years to complete refresher courses.

Dive Medicals Must:

Ask your practitioner if they are qualified to make dive medical assessments. To assist your registered practitioner to establish your diving health, please download the Recreation Scuba Training Council Medical Record which contains dive medical guidelines.
Note: The Coral Expeditions Dive Instructor will make the ultimate determination of a person’s condition and suitability to dive. If you are feeling unwell, show symptoms of a medical condition that is unsafe for diving, have a chest cold or display a respiratory condition on board prior to diving you may not be permitted to dive.

Q. What about the Environmental Management Charge on itineraries that include the Great Barrier Reef?

Since the 1st April 1998, the Australian Government has levied an Environmental Management Charge (EMC) on Tourist Operators for all visitors over 4 years of age travelling to the Great Barrier Reef and its environs.
The Environmental Management Charge (EMC) of $19.50 per person will be automatically added to your onboard account by Coral Expeditions, for settlement prior to disembarkation. Please note the EMC charge is subject to change annually.
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has the responsibility for the management and protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Funds raised by the EMC are being used to ensure the continued sustainability of the “Reef” and its environs for future generations.

Q. What if I want insurance? Can you help me with insurance?

When booking directly with Coral Expeditions we can organise a quote for you through our supplier, Sure Save Pty Ltd. If you are booking your cruise through a travel agent, please speak to them directly about Travel Insurance. We strongly encourage all passengers to obtain appropriate travel insurance, which covers cancellation costs and remote area evacuation expenses.

Q. What about visas and passports?

Please ensure your passport has 6 months’ validity from the time the expedition commences plus two free pages. It is the responsibility of all guests to ensure they meet visa requirements prior to travel. At least 4-6 weeks prior to departure, guests should contact the relevant country’s local Embassy / High Commission / Consulate with entry/exit details to confirm visa requirements based on their nationality. Entry and exit dates/points will be noted on your cruise itinerary.

Q. I’m applying for a visa. Do your domestic ships leave Australian waters?

All our ships are Australian flagged, therefore when doing a domestic cruise our ships do not leave domestic waters.

Q. Do I need vaccinations for non-Australian cruise itineraries?

We strongly recommend consulting your medical advisor prior to your cruise. You should be up to date with routine vaccinations – please refer to the relative Helpful Hints for more information.

Q. What should I pack?

We recommend that you pack simply and lightly. Clothing that you can layer will prepare you for all kinds of weather. More specific information regarding clothing and the weather conditions are included in the Helpful Hints document relative to your cruise itinerary – please see Helpful Hints Links.

Q. Do I need to bring spending money? What might I need to pay for onboard?

Upon embarkation, we will automatically open your personal shipboard account. We operate a chit system and for your security, ask that you sign each chit as you order from our bar, shop or make any other on board purchases. At the end of the voyage your account may be settled in AU $ cash; by American Express; Visa; MasterCard or Diners Club (regret no Travellers cheques).
Money Matters for West Papua (Spice Islands & Raja Ampat), please note:
The official currency for Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah – if you wish to purchase any souvenirs from local villages we suggest you bring small denominations as locals may not have change. A limited amount of currency is available on board so we do suggest that you exchange money into Rupiah prior to departure from your home port. Due to the remote expeditionary nature of this itinerary, traditional ATM’s and familiar branded money exchange vendors are not widely available.
It is not possible to obtain cash at the villages and towns we visit. We suggest you bring enough local currency with you for the duration of the cruise. Indonesian currency can be purchased at the airport.

Q. Can I get my laundry done during my trip?

Limited laundering services are available on board Coral Discoverer and Coral Expeditions I. Laundry bags and forms are stored in your wardrobe for collection by Cruise Attendants. Charges for this service will be posted to your onboard account. As the service is for laundering only, please ask the hospitality staff if you require an iron and ironing board.
There are no laundry services available on board Coral Expeditions II (Great Barrier Reef)