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Coral Expedition Excursion Vessels

Excursion vessels

Our ships are equipped with a fleet of excursion tender vessels to simplify travelling ashore and enjoying water-based activities. Designed with flexibility and guest comfort in mind, our inflatable Zodiacs, glass bottom boats and unique excursion tender ‘Xplorer’ ensure that all guests can travel to shore or explore hidden bays and inlets safely and comfortably.


Our purpose built Xplorer tenders

Our excursion tenders board directly from the ship’s main deck, before the hydraulic platform gently lowers into the water, avoiding the need to clamber aboard or get your feet wet. During your adventure or expedition cruise you will have the opportunity to participate in at least two included shore excursions or activities on most days, along with on-board briefings and presentations.

Xplorer and Explorer offer the same facilities onboard. Both are very easy to board directly from the main deck of the ship, with padded seating – making it comfortable to sit in all day. Onboard, there are also microphone and speakers for our guides to share expert commentary along the way, and a canopy over head to protect us from the sun and both also fitted with a toilet for additional convenience. They can both reach up to 20 knots in speed.

Aboard Coral Discoverer, guests board Xplorer directly from the ship’s main deck, before the hydraulic platform gently lowers into the water, making it easily accessible for all 72 guests and crew onboard. Xplorer is equipped with 2x twin 225 Horse Power Engines.

Aboard Coral Expeditions I, Explorer makes it easy to immerse yourself into your surroundings, nimble and easy to maneuver through shallow water ways Explorer accommodates for all 46 passengers and crew onboard. Explorer is equipped with 2x twin 75 Horse Power engines.



Glass bottom boat

Boarding of the glass bottom boat is safe and easy. Simply step aboard before the boat is gently lowered into the water by hydraulic lift, ensuring there is no need to clamber aboard or get your feet wet.

The Glass-Bottom Boat is equipped with magnified glass panels, allowing guests to see the reef and marine life up close and personal. The “Glassy” can hold up to 20 guests at one time along with a qualified Marine Biologist. We carry the Glassy to marine parks like the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea and Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands for the best coral viewing and commentary by our guides.

Kimberley Coral Expeditions Horizontal Falls


Inflatable Zodiacs provide another exciting option for shore excursions and navigating narrow inlets and waterways. They are also used by the crew to meet with local officials and when planning shore excursions and activities.

For a more thrilling experience you can join your travelling companions for an adventurous cruise through Horizontal Waterfalls in the Kimberley or transfer directly from Xplorer into a Zodiac and enjoy being dunked under an 80m high waterfall at King George Falls during the wet season (April – May). Be prepared to get wet!




Each ship carries a fleet of one or two-person kayaks which allows an up-close and personal viewing of islands and atolls and reefs. Not to mention, you get a great upper body work-out whilst seeing amazing sites.
Kayaks are a nice peaceful way to go exploring to out-of-the-way spaces, easy to slowly glide over coral gardens, get close to wildlife and glide between magnificent gum-drop- like islands in the Spice Islands. We take the kayaks to the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea and Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands. You might even be fortunate enough to kayak through remote Bathurst Harbour in Tasmania.