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Day 4. 23.01.22. Stanley Island. Cara (54)

Voyage Log: Outerknown Adventures on the Great Barrier Reef – Coral Geographer

28th November 2022
Turnaround day is always frenetic. The ship has to be serviced, stores loaded, departing crew signed off and their replacements established. The new guests of course are oblivious to all this. They had gathered at the Pullman Hotel in Cairns where they were met by our shoreside staff.
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Woolford Family on Flinders Island

Flinders Island, South Australia

24th November 2022
Connect with nature in the wildlife haven that is Flinders Island. The island is privately owned by the Woolford family, who have lived on the island for generations operating a merino sheep farm and harvesting abalone. Their journey began on the island in 1979 and have since established a close connection with nature and a…
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Voyage Log: Coastal Treks of Tasmania – Coral Discoverer March 2021

15th November 2022
We began boarding the Coral Discoverer at 1600 on a cool autumn afternoon. After being shown to our rooms we had a chance to explore the ship and find our bearings. Soon before 1700 we were on our way steaming down the Derwent.
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Kimberley Cruise Coral Expeditions

Australia’s Kimberley – An Overview

30th September 2022 by Sandy Scott
The Kimberley is a remote location of Western Australia that makes up the northern section of this State and in area the Kimberley Region is larger than the island of Ireland. It is located in the tropics with a monsoonal climate that results in hot wet conditions during the summer and cooler dry winters between…
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Voyage Log: The Kimberley – Coral Discoverer September 2022

20th September 2022
Travelling upriver we were treated to magnificent views of towering ancient sandstone cliffs as the early sun lit up the colours. These cliffs are Warton Sandstone – the second oldest sandstone layer in the area dating back some 1.8 billion years.
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We’re excited to announce a new expedition to the far south, departing in January 2024!
Our new World Heritage islands of the sub-Antarctic voyage will call on Macquarie Island which, at latitude 55 degrees, sits halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica.

Head to our website to book online.

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We pioneered extended expedition cruises on the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef 40 years ago and have forged a reputation for excellence and expertise in that time. Aboard our expedition vessel Coral Discoverer, join us as we embark on an adventure to the remote and untouched Northern reefs. We explore the hidden corners, uninhabited sand cays, small islands and pristine reef systems. Along the way find freedom and solitude amidst this iconic seascape. Share the journey with soaring seabirds and swim, dive and snorkel at far-flung Osprey and Ribbon Reefs. Learn about ancient indigenous culture and Australian heritage at historic Cooktown. Stretch your legs with a hike to the summit of “Cooks Look”. Enjoy a sundowner with the sand beneath your toes and the setting sun at deserted Sudbury Cay. Onboard, you will be accompanied by expert guides including a Marine Biologist, and our purpose designed small ships are custom built for expedition cruising.

🎥 Expedition Leader Karla Pound

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Explores Western Australia’s wild and largely untouched coast, with its contrasting coastal palette of rich red sands and turquoise sea. The natural coastal reserves harbour abundant birdlife and marine species. Explore the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Ningaloo Reef, Montebello Islands, Muiron Islands and Dampier Archipelago.

Abrolhos Islands & The Coral Coast | Broome to Fremantle | 2 March 2023

See our website to join the expedition 

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Iron Islands is a sight of significant interest. Rugged cliffs of deep orange ochre have been forged by powerful tidal flows and tectonic pressure over thousands of years.

Unique native flora and fauna flourish in the wilds of this remote location including sea turtles and nesting sea birds.
🚢 Expedition: The Kimberley Cruise

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