Adam Woolcott

Guest Lecturer

Adam has been with coral expeditions since 2021 and is an active member of the team for both national and international voyages. Since a young age Adam has had a passion for the natural world and enjoys any opportunity to develop and share his knowledge. After moving to Australia from the UK, he became captivated by warm-water oceans and the ecology they sustain.

This eventually leading him to study Marine Science’s at JCU. After a focus on tropical marine chemistry, he went on to study cold water climatology, and aquaculture in Bergen, Norway.

Adam has spent many seasons working for various luxury tourism operators, on both international expedition ships and private island lodges. Outside of tourism Adam is involved with hydrographic research vessels, technical diving, and ongoing tertiary study.

For Adam, travel has always been a large part of life, and the ability to work in remote locations around the globe drives his passion to learn more about unique cultures. He is an avid photographer who enjoys capturing and sharing footage to help pass on the stories of these fading customs.

Adam’s main areas of interest and specialty are in the modern influence of oceanography, innovation in sustainable fisheries and the physiological modifications of marine animals. During his off-time Adam enjoys fishing, rugby and all forms of adrenaline sports. He is an enthusiastic member of the team who is looking forward to meeting you on board soon.