Emily Fosbery

Expedition Leader & Assistant Expedition Leader 

How long have you worked at Coral Expeditions?

Since January 2021

Before Coral Expeditions, what did you do?

I’ve been in the marine eco-tourism industry for a while now, I’ve worked with dolphins, sea lions, and whales primarily. I have also volunteered with turtles and I have a lot of background in intertidal reefs through uni. I studied marine science and conservation biology during my undergrad, and marine biology during my Masters.

What led you to start working with Coral Expeditions?

Though my background is mostly marine, I wanted to expand my horizons and travel to new and exciting places while also getting to meet amazing people. This is the perfect job using my current knowledge while also learning so much along the way.

Please describe the duties you perform on an ‘average’ day at work:

I get to assist with planning expeditions, then I get to show guests around some of the most amazing places in the world while telling them about the things we see and the wildlife we get to interact with.

What is the thing you enjoy most about working for Coral Expeditions?

Getting to see amazing places with amazing people. I love inspiring people to gain a better understanding and appreciation for what they’re seeing, as well as learning new things myself along the way.

What is the best experience you have had working for Coral Expeditions?

My favourite was swimming with the sea lions at the Abrolhos Islands. They are so friendly and intelligent, and one, in particular, chose to spend about two hours playing with us in the water and even waited by the Xplorer as we left, as if she wasn’t ready for her new friends to leave yet. Another massive highlight was watching a lightning storm in the Kimberley. It went on for hours. It was so far away we couldn’t hear the thunder but there was so much lightning that there was not a second where the clouds were completely dark. Truly incredible.


Emily Fosebery Expedition Leader Coral Expeditions Emily Fosebery Expedition Leader Coral Expeditions