Sara Perrott

Expedition Crew

Sara’s deep-rooted passion for the ocean, nurtured since her childhood in Queensland, has shaped her into a remarkable asset for Coral Expeditions. With a background in marine science and a particular focus on Manta Rays in the Great Barrier Reef, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company’s expeditions.

Sara’s extensive experience in marine tourism, ranging from guiding on whale watching boats to diving expeditions in remote islands, underscores her  understanding of marine ecosystems and her ability to connect guests with the wonders of the ocean.

Joining Coral Expeditions as a Expedition Crew member, her experience as a divemaster and coxswain boosts her adaptability and readiness to tackle new challenges. As an in-water guide alongside whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef, Sara has honed her skills in facilitating unforgettable experiences for guests while prioritising marine conservation and education.

Now venturing into photography, Sara’s passion for capturing the beauty of the underwater world adds yet another dimension to her role, promising to enrich the experiences of guests and contribute to the company’s mission of fostering a deeper appreciation for marine life.

With aspirations to delve into underwater photography, Sara’s journey with Coral Expeditions is not only a testament to her dedication but also a testament to her commitment to evolving and enhancing the guest experience, making her an indispensable asset to both guests and the company alike.