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Best Day On Expedition | Family

Submitted By Lesley & ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Well the task is nearly impossible as to us every day of every expedition is a ‘best day’.

What really makes it a ‘best day’ for us is the Coral Expedition Family – the whole crew from the guys working in the dining room, in the galley, the laundry, cleaning our staterooms, the bartenders, the captain, the sailors, the purser, the expedition team leaders and their crew, the guest expedition people – everyone makes it a ‘best day’ for us.

In fact is actually all starts with the CE family based in Cairns that do the bookings etc.

Without exception, the crew have been fantastic over the past 8 years that we have been travelling with Coral Princess Cruises which is now renamed Coral Expeditions.

Our first expedition was in 2012 when we did the Kimberly from Broome to Darwin, since then we have done Across the Top, The Great Barrier Reef (twice), New Zealand, Tasmania, Myanmar, Coral Adventurer Maiden Voyage, West Papua and Spice Islands. All up 107 fabulous nights on board.

In the pipeline booked is Circumnavigation of Tasmania, Mauritius to Zanzibar and Tonga to Auckland – in total another 47 nights.

The welcome that you get as you board warms the cockles of your heart as the crew remembers you from previous expeditions and welcomes you with huge smiles and lots of hugs.

We can’t wait to get back on board and see our CE Family once again.


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