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Small Islands Of The Indian Ocean

Small Islands of the Indian Ocean

Our much anticipated expeditions to the farthest reaches of the Indian Ocean sees our brand-new vessel Coral Geographer venture to the edge of Africa. As we forge a theme of ‘Small Islands of the World’, these voyages take you all the way from Australia, through the Cocos and Christmas Islands, and across the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean through Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Seychelles. We arrive at the islands off the eastern edge of Africa – Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, and Zanzibar – with their heady mixture of native traditions, frontier colonial history, and unique wildlife. These are Australian-led island expeditions like never before!

For over 35 years we have been pioneering Australian expeditions. Our informal atmosphere and adventurous spirit now takes us across the world. Onboard, you will always experience our Australian and New  Zealand crew’s personalised service and warm hospitality, a hallmark of our expeditions. We explore remote locations with a focus on cultural exchange and education. Our small group size ensures that excursions are comfortable and personal, with minimal impact on the places that we visit. Expect one or two activities or excursions each day – go ashore with zodiacs and our trademark Xplorer, or kayak, dive and snorkel to get closer to each extraordinary destination. Our Expedition Leaders and lecturers, experts in the cultures and natural history of the region, accompany every voyage to conduct lectures and interpret on location.

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Our Indian Ocean Cruises:

Australia’s Island Outposts with Christmas & Cocos | Fremantle – Singapore | 29 Nights

Set sail from Fremantle to explore the farthest reaches of the Australian territories and beyond. Take in the Abrolhos Islands and swim with inquisitive sea lions. Explore the turquoise waters, islands and red sand country that the indigenous Malgana people of Shark Bay have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. At Cocos (Keeling) Islands, relax on Australia’s best beach, drift snorkel or kayak on a turquoise lagoon and admire the comical antics of Red-footed boobies. 

Re-Released Date:
> Departs Fremantle 16 March 2022

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Island Traditions To the Edge of Africa | Singapore - Seychelles | 25 Nights

Set sail across the vast arc of the Indian Ocean onboard Coral Geographer, calling in at Sumatra, the colourful and exotic island of Sri Lanka, remote atolls of the Maldives and on to pristine Seychelles. Be immersed in rich cultural history and enjoy hand-crafted nature and wildlife experiences.  Discover the history and delicious cuisine of Malaysia. Experience a dusk expedition safari of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka with the opportunity to see elephants and leopards. 

Re-Released Date:
> Departs Singapore 16 April 2022

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The Seychelles, Madagascar & Reunion | Seychelles - Mauritius | 15 Nights

Journey into another world on this voyage aboard Coral Geographer. Featuring an extensive exploration of the northern coastline of Madagascar and a visit to the majestic island of Reunion, you’ll also explore the remote atolls of the southern Seychelles, renowned for pure white beaches and uninhabited wildlife reserves.  Explore Aldabra Atoll, the world’s second-largest coral atoll and home to the largest colony of wild giant tortoises. Continue on to the shores of Madagascar – the 8th continent – famed for the diversity of its endemic wildlife and landscape with something remarkable around every corner. 

Re-Released Date:
> Departs 12 May 2022

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Madagascar & the Seychelles | Mauritius - Seychelles | 13 Nights

green chameleon

Explore the majestic Island of Reunion, where guests will be immersed in dramatic volcanic scenery, enjoying island trekking, highland tours and savour delicious Creole cuisine. Explore the small coastal island of  Île Sainte-Marie, learning about the island’s intriguing pirate history. Continue your journey to the shores of Madagascar – the 8th continent. Renowned for its diverse wildlife, as 90% of the species are found nowhere else on Earth, and incredibly unique landscapes. 

Re-Released Date:
> Departs 28 May 2022

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Seychelles to Zanzibar | Seychelles - Zanzibar | 12 Nights

Discover the giant Aldabra tortoises roaming the pure while sands of Alphonse Islands. The remote atolls of the southern Seychelles are renowned for pure white beaches and uninhabited wildlife reserves. Spot multitudes of bird species at Desroches, a bird-watcher’s paradise, and dive and snorkel on some of the Seychelles most remote and breathtaking reefs. Delight in Madagascar’s extraordinary National Parks, with the opportunity to visit the remarkable tsingy at Ankarana and spot iconic lemurs and other wildlife at Mahajanga and Akarafantsika National Park. A visit to Nosy Be reveals historic plantations, where we will soak in the aromas of ylang ylang, coffee, pepper and vanilla.

Re-Released Date:
> Departs 11 June 2022

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At The Edge Of Africa | Zanzibar - Durban | 20 Nights

Zanzibar Women

The eastern edge of Africa stands at the crossroads of African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures. Take a journey along the coastline of Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania over 20 exotic nights, where enchanting Malagasy and Creole culture emanate from colourful street-side markets, wild landscapes rise above sparkling seas, lush rainforests hide native lemurs and ancient ruins hold rich history. From the comfort of Coral Geographer, explore remote lands that only hardy traders in search of ancient spices ventured to long ago.

Re-Released Date:
> Departs 24 June 2022

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Coral Geographer: A new ship, for new destinations.

The sister ship of Coral Adventurer, Coral Geographer features the same advanced technologies and environmentally responsible design. Coral Geographer is built for environmentally responsible small-ship cruising, with refined navigation and nimble Xplorer tenders to bring you close to remote coastlines. With only 120 guests, her intimate atmosphere and warm Australian hospitality quickly make you feel at home. Six suites, many balcony staterooms and expansive deck spaces provide an authentic expedition experience. All staterooms are outside facing and many have private balconies. Spacious lounge areas, communal dining, and open decks with panoramic views provide relaxation and the opportunity to spend time with old and new friends.

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