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Small Islands Of The Pacific Ocean

Join us as we embark on an adventure for the ages to discover the small islands of the Pacific Ocean. Traversing the vast tracts of the great South Seas, our series of new expedition voyages will tap the deep desire within us to escape to a far-flung island, to sink our toes in the sand and enjoy the warmth of a trade wind breeze on our cheeks. To indulge the spirit of adventure that resides in all of us.

Scattered over the Pacific Ocean are over ten thousand uniquely different islands that exist like tiny stars hidden in the vastness of space. For the people of these islands, the encircling ocean is central to their lives and beliefs. It separates but also binds the islands together, the backdrop to a highly developed oral tradition of storytelling where history, navigation lore and legends are passed down through generations.

When he travelled to the South Seas, French painter Paul Gauguin discovered a bright fragranced world of azure seas, exotic people and vibrant colours. Radiant with the heat, natural abundance, and sensuality he experienced, Gauguin’s paintings inspired by his time in French Polynesia have become synonymous with our image of the South Seas.

A century on, we find the same world of tangerine sunsets, flower garlands and crystal-clear lagoons. Towering volcanic islands are contrasted with the elegant curves of coral atolls, and the darkest night skies reveal the stars that Polynesian voyagers used to navigate their way to discovery. Beneath its turquoise waters, the South Pacific harbors three-quarters of the world’s coral species, along with parrotfish, blue tang, reef sharks and majestic manta rays. Rare migratory species of birds find their seasonal home here, including the Solomon Island sea eagle, vulturine parrot, Blyth’s hornbill, and paradise drongo.

Experience the extraordinary diversity of Polynesia and discover a world free from the tyranny of time and away from the tourist trail. Enjoy warm welcomes, hear curious tales and learn of the traditions and way of life of the seafaring Polynesian people.

Accompanied by our expert guides, find freedom in the farthest reaches of the Pacific.

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Our South Pacific Cruises:

Honiara - Port Vila | 13 Nights

Islands of the South Pacific

Onboard Coral Geographer, this voyage reveals the remote coral atolls and beaches of the idyllic Melanesia region, with time to explore the wrecks and remnants of the war in the Pacific theatre, and expert guides on hand to discuss the various battle sites, historical significance, and strategies.

> Scheduled for November 2022

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