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West Papua, Raja Ampat & Micronesia

Darwin to Guam16 nightsAll InclusiveFrom $13,600.00* PP

On this diverse 16-night voyage, Coral Adventurer tracks northward from Australia to explore the Spice Islands and the fabled islands of Raja Ampat, through the Republic of Palau and the remote small islands of Micronesia before concluding in Guam, home of the Pacific National Battlefield Park. Be greeted and escorted by traditional kora kora canoes to the historic township of Banda Neira. Explore the crystal-clear lagoons of the Mommon Peninsula and climb atop Mount Pindito to marvel at one of the world’s most photographed marine scenes: the jagged green limestone cliffs and crystal-clear water of Wayag. Learn about Yap’s ancient limestone currency and snorkel, dive and kayak to encounter coral reefs home to abundant marine life. This journey offers spectacular combinations of island cultures, marine life and World War II history that can only be experienced by expedition ship.

  • Enjoy the ancient warrior tradition welcome of the kora kora canoes in Banda Niera
  • At Kitikiti Waterfalls, Mommon Peninsula, cruise the pristine landscape by Xplorer in search of hidden lagoons and exotic birds such as hornbills and birds of paradise
  • Discover the limestone karst islands of Raja Ampat and hike to the summit of Pindito Peak
  • Snorkel and dive the coral reefs, lava flows and WWII wrecks of the Coral Triangle including Ulithi Atoll, Sonsorol, Banda Neira and the marine playground of Raja Ampat
  • Join in traditional dance and singing performance and experience ancient Austranesian and Micronesian traditions passed down through history
  • Learn about Yap’s time-honoured customs and culture and visit the isolated islet of Ulithi home to sea turtles, coconut crabs and sea birds
  • Meet the people of Sonsorol Island who are linguistically and culturally different from their Caroline Islands neighbours
  • Discover the breathtaking landscape of Palau and swim with harmless golden jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake




Board Coral Adventurer at Darwin’s Fort Hill Wharf at 8:00am for a 9:30 am departure. Settle into your cabin and relax as we set sail across the Arafura Sea. This evening, join the Captain’s welcome drinks and meet your crew and fellow guests as the sun sets.

Coral Expeditions Spice Islands

The Banda archipelago is the historic heart of the spice trade and was once the world’s only source of nutmeg until the mid-19th century as Portuguese, Dutch and English fought for control over the spice trade. The ten volcanic islands have attracted traders and merchants for at least 2,000 years as highly sought-after goods such as cloves, textiles, batik and rice were moved through Banda.

As we approach and enter the Zonnegat channel, witness a thrilling spectacle as Moluccan rowers in traditional kora kora canoes greet the ship and escort you into the harbour. Kora kora canoes are a traditional war vessel, with elaborately carved figureheads stretching up to 4 metres. The canoes are propelled by up to 20 rowers and measure up to 20 metres long.

Go ashore to be welcomed by the nutmeg dance of the local school students, before touring the historic township. Spend time snorkelling and diving over the nearby lava flow reef system and trying local foods along on the waterfront. Explore Fort Belgica, built by the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in 1611. The pentagonal shaped fort is extremely well preserved and provides an interesting insight into Dutch colonisation and the dramatic history of these islands. Join the locals for a traditional dance and music performance before enjoying a glass of champagne as the sun sets over the fort.

This afternoon, visit the mesmerising Kitikiti Waterfall, which flows out of the lush jungle and falls directly into the ocean. Enjoy the chance to swim under this truly memorable waterfall, feeling the chilled fresh water meeting the warm ocean water and explore the surrounding crystal clear lagoons by snorkelling or kayaking. Delve deeper into this pristine landscape by Xplorer cruise in search of hidden lagoons or on a Rainforest Walk and spot exotic birds such as hornbills and birds of paradise along the way.

Misool, Raja Ampat

Today, we arrive at Misool, one of the four largest islands of Raja Ampat. Here we visit Balbulol Lagoon, an almost landlocked inlet populated with conical-shaped islets undercut at sea level that rise from turquoise waters like Christmas Trees. There is time to swim and kayak amongst the islands in this beautiful lagoon, as well as exploring the island by Xplorer and beachcombing. Embarking on a hike here will lead to a higher viewpoint to experience the amazing rock island formations. We will also enjoy a traditional Sasi Laut ceremony, a traditional custom of Raja Ampat communities to preserve the ecosystem and effectively protect marine species by limiting fishing during a designated period.

Day 7 Wayag (14)10

More Raja Ampat treasures await today as we explore the scattered karst ‘beehives’ of the Wayag Islands. This natural treasure is nature at its most vibrant both above and below the water, with emerald karst islands rising from the brilliant turquoise water. Explore the magnificent waterways and lagoons by Xplorer and Zodiac with time to swim in crystal clear waters and walk on white-sand beaches amongst the many islands. The coral reefs here provide exceptional diving and snorkelling, with many vibrant corals and tropical fish species to discover. After lunch, there is an opportunity for an energetic hike up to famed Pindito Peak, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views over the island and its spectacular lagoon.

Sorong, Raja Ampat

Sorong is our departure point from the Indonesian region. Lush mountains covered with forest surround the town and fishing a is major part of the local economy. Here, we will go ashore to visit the Sorong Nature Conservation Park to see the big old trees planted by the Dutch many years ago. We will also be welcomed by the Moi Tribe, the owners of the land, who are culturally unique from other peoples in the surrounding regions. Enjoy demonstrations such as the making of the traditional Papuan handwork bag and a tour of a dragonfruit plantation, an initiative by the Moi tribe.  Later, enjoy a relaxing guided walk through the forest to look for birds.

Today, conditions allowing, we enjoy a true expedition stop at the small island of Tobi, home to around 30 people who live a traditional lifestyle. Meet the local people, who speak their own language of Tobian as well as some English, and enjoy snorkelling, swimming and beachcombing from the beach at Helen Reef. The island is known as a nesting site for lesser-crested terns and green sea turtles.

Sonsorol, Palau

Isolated Sonsorol Island is one of the 16 States of Pulau and is home to a population of between 25 and 65 people who are culturally and linguistically related to the Yap and Caroline Islands. Learn about their subsistence lifestyle disconnected from the modern world as we hope to visit the village and dive and snorkel the fringing reef and coral gardens.

Koror is the main state of the Republic of Palau, as well as the main island. Koror City is home to about half of the country’s population. The land mass of Koror is not large, with hundreds of islands and islets of volcanic and limestone reef construction that present a stunning vista of craggy forested islands surrounded by emerald seas.

Here, we will hike to Jellyfish Lake, where there is the opportunity for an unforgettable swim with harmless golden jellyfish, which migrate horizontally across the lake each day. Snorkelling and diving at Neco or Carp Island will reveal the underwater wonders to be discovered here. There may be an opportunity to visit Milky Way, a channel known for its therapeutic clay, for a swim and natural spa experience.

Later, go ashore in Koror. There may be options to visit the Belau National Museum or Etpison Museum, which celebrates and educates about Palauan culture.

Rai Stones

Learn about Micronesian Yap Island’s ancient monetary system of stone money, where limestone discs were quarried and carved into ‘coins’ known as Rai, which can be as large as 4m or as small as 4cm in diameter. There is an opportunity to visit the Yap Living History Museum to learn about Micronesian people and their time-honoured customs and culture, as well as snorkel and dive the lagoon with its coral reefs and abundant marine life.

Coconut Crab

Snorkel and dive from some of Koror’s palm-fringed beaches on a truly deserted islet in a remote part of the world. Enjoy the tropical vista of white sand beaches, colourful coral reefs home to sea turtles, coconut crabs and sea birds. There is also opportunity to visit the Ulithi Turtle Project and the vibrant community village.

A couple enjoying time at sea from the Xplorer Deck

Relax on deck as we spend a day at sea, with onboard presentations from our Guest Lecturers, workshops, and demonstrations. This voyage includes three full sea days and eight half sea days.


Our voyage ends in the US island territory of Guam with its significant WWII sites, cultural traditions of Indigenous Chamorro people that blend with the island’s Spanish colonial heritage.

Disembark Coral Adventurer at 8:00 am and bid farewell to new-found friends, the Master and crew

This itinerary is an indication of the destinations we visit and activities on offer. Throughout the expedition we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions, and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel. Coral Expeditions suggests that you do not arrive on the day of embarkation or depart on the day of disembarkation due to any changes that may occur in scheduling.

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  • All excursions with our Expedition Team
  • Use of Xplorer, Zodiacs and Kayaks
  • Snorkelling & SCUBA equipment (SCUBA diving at an additional cost)
  • Daily lectures and briefings with Guest Lecturers
  • All meals, chef-prepared on board
  • Captain’s welcome and farewell events, and open bridge access
  • Selected wines, selected beers and house spirits, juices, and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner
  • 24-hour barista-style coffee and tea station
  • All entrance fees to National Parks, ports, traditional owner fees and charges imposed by governing authorities
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Use of all onboard facilities, incl. a reference library
  • Your expedition photos captured during the voyage
  • Post-cruise transfers (in most destinations)

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  • Pre-cruise transfers
  • Pre and post cruise flights/charter flights
  • Pre and post cruise accommodation
  • Travel Insurance
  • SCUBA Diving (view Scuba diving rates)
  • Entry visas & travel permits for the country you are traveling to/from
  • Alcoholic drinks (including beer and wine) outside of lunch and dinner service
  • Internet services (available at a cost)
  • Laundry service (available at a cost)
  • Items of a personal nature such souvenir purchases
  • Optional Extras (in some destinations)
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