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Australian Geographic Postcast With Captain Gary Wilson

How to turn sailing into a time-travel adventure

Gary recently joined Chrissie Goldrick from the Australian Geographic team to record a podcast as part of their series “Talking Australia”. Take a listen as he unpacks the history of early maritime explorers and Coral Expeditions explorations today.

Gary turned his passion and love for the sea into a unique career. He guides guests onboard Coral Adventurer through the coasts of Australia and beyond.

Gary has a passion for marine history, and over the years he has learned to master the art of sailing replica ships around the globe. Historic vessels such as Captain James Cook´s legendary Endeavour (originally built in 1764) and more recently an exact replica of the lesser-known Dutch ship Duyfken (originally built in 1595), the first to reach Australia. On this episode Gary talks about some of the upcoming once-in-a-lifetime experiences you can share with him, and explains what it feels like to travel back in time sailing historic ships.

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