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Ian Morris

Zoologist, educator, conservationist, and author, Ian has worked with Coral Expeditions since 1987, and with the Aboriginal traditional owners of Arnhem Land region since his early life as a secondary science teacher. Following a decade in East Arnhem Land, he was engaged as a ranger training officer with the beginning of the federal government’s first indigenous joint land management project – Kakadu National Park.   Today, Ian continues his work promoting the magic of the bush as an NT-based environmental consultant working with schools, universities & nature documentary makers like the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic Society etc., and continues his conservation work for federal and state governments as a consultant for many national parks across Australia. The public promotion of our natural ecosystems has taken up most of his energy in recent times. He greatly values his association with indigenous peoples across our north, many of whom have been life-long mates.

Ian speaks Djambarrpuyŋu, Warramirri & Gupapuyŋu – all local Indigenous languages visited on the Cape York & Arnhem Land itineraries. Ian says “I was fortunate enough when young to be taught by traditionally-born Arnhem Landers. Passing on what I learned is a privilege.”

A published author and scientist, Ian’s large bibliography includes research on Ghost Bats and terrestrial herpetofauna. Ian is passionate about bio-geography & Traditional Aboriginal land management practices & the modern context. He cites his hero as Alfred Russell Wallace and his favourite species is the Northern Quoll.

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An Update from Ian

Interview with Ian Morris – The Spirit Of Coral Expeditions

The spirit of Coral Expeditions lives through expedition team members like Ian Morris.  Ian is a biologist, author and conservationist who is one of Australia’s most acclaimed naturalists.  With a long history of working with the traditional owners of the Kimberley and Arnhem Land, Ian has an abiding love for the Top End.  He also has a deep interest in the cultures and wildlife of Sulawesi and the Spice Islands.  Ian has been part of Coral Expeditions for more than 15 years.  Through these years, his intellectual curiosity and excitement at taking our guests to his favourite places continue unabated.

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