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Tim Harvey

Welcome aboard!

Marine biologist and oceanographer – heads up a turtle rescue foundation. A bit hippy, loves extra work. Marine specialist, I do have over 40 years experience as a presenter in several disciplines, including:

What do you want from this amazing trip you’ve signed up for? Adventure? Knowledge? Stunning locations? Something new? Greater understanding of what you’re experiencing? Probably all of these… and more.

Well, I’m here to help you get the most out of the time you’re with us: not just giving presentations and explaining what’s around you, but also available to give advice and answer your many questions. And hopefully you’ll have many, so feel free to corner me at any time.

I’ve travelled extensively and am continually amazed at the world’s diversity. I usually travel solo, arrive in different countries with no fixed itinerary, and talk to local people to find out what’s interesting and ‘off the beaten track’. This has resulted in some amazing unplanned experiences, including riding a horse at a Muslim wedding in Delhi and reversing a car over the Pyrenees. I also lived for nearly a year as a homeless tramp, which taught me a lot about people, and something I’d highly recommend!

I’m a qualified teacher and marine biologist/oceanographer with over 45 years environmental, scientific and educational experience. Diverse interests have led me down many paths, including teaching, business and management consultancy, mountaineering, white-water rafting, sea kayak instructing, and scientific discovery. For 4 years I managed the Heron Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s premier tropical marine research facilities and was a founding Director of the charity ‘Sea Turtle Foundation’.

I’ve taught presentation skills and given presentations to a wide range of audiences, including children, senior academics, managers and Olympic coaches. As a guide and educator I specialise in the marine world, environmental issues and history. My presentations are often audience participative…so be prepared!

My aim is to stay curious and to encourage others to explore whatever environment they find themselves in…and to see what others miss.

I want you to leave the ship saying ‘That is the best trip I’ve ever been on’.