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Mark Steadman

Ever since I was a young boy I have been very interested in the natural world.  I studied biology and environmental science at university and this has helped me tremendously to appreciate the complex relationships between animals, plants and their environment.  In the early 1990’s I worked in an Australian native animal zoo where I gained much experience working with endangered animals, and with visitors who had a real interest in our strange and unique fauna.  Since then I have been lucky to have lived and worked in North Queensland, Ecuador, Hawaii and New Zealand as a wildlife guide where I take great pleasure in showcasing the country’s natural history to international visitors.

After completing my training as a High School Science Teacher, I joined Coral Expeditions at the end of 2011 as a Guest Lecturer in New Zealand.  The geology, birdlife and history of this country is so different to Australia and is quite fascinating to me.   After a few years cruising through the fiords of southern New Zealand I began working in the Kimberley, West Papua, New Guinea and Tasmania with Coral Expeditions.  In 2017 I began my role as Expedition Leader.  This new position allows me to combine my great organisational skills with my love of the outdoors and all the creatures found in it.

My travels to far flung places such as the Amazon, British Columbia, Japan and South Africa have opened my eyes to the amazing cultures, history and wildlife to be found on this earth.  Recently I have turned my attention towards Indonesia, an incredibly diverse country that draws people in again and again.  I am very much looking forward to continuing the exploration of this country with you and with Coral Expeditions.


An update from Mark

Guest Lecturer Mark Steadman shares some of his favourite remote and difficult to reach destinations that we visit in New Zealand, Tasmania, Indonesia, New Guinea and Kimberley.

Quick Facts About Mark

Bachelor of Science Degree (Zoology) and Graduate Diploma in Teaching (High School Science)

How many years have you been a EL/GL?
I started out as a GL for the 2011-12 NZ season.  I started as Expedition Crew in March 2016 on the West Papua trip. I started as EL in November 2016 in Tasmania.

Favourite place on our trips:
Snorkelling in Raja Ampat.

Favourite species:
Tasmanian Devil. I was fortunate enough to raise an orphaned baby Devil.

Best experience on/memory from a CE trip: 
Watching the hunting strategy of Snub-fin Dolphins in the Kimberley.They often hunt late at night in the muddy waters of the saltwater rivers. The dolphin will spit a stream of water to land in front of the fish they are pursuing, startling it into making a u-turn straight into the dolphin’s mouth.

Passionate about:
Sharing stories with people about how incredibly interesting animals are, especially the not-so-cuddly species.

Life experiences to make you a great EL/GL:
I have lived and worked as a nature guide in amazing places such as the Amazon, Hawaii, North Queensland and New Zealand.

Before I was an EL/GL/Captain I was a:
A zookeeper, a nature guide and a science teacher in various countries.