Kimberley Waterfalls in April 2023

Coral Discoverer kicked off the Kimberley 2023 season in style with a spectacular voyage as the first ship in the Kimberley this season. This is our 30th year in the Kimberley and the first of 50 voyages we will operate this year. The record rains of the big wet held promise of majestic waterfalls and the Kimberley delivered. Follow the journey as seen through the lens and words of our expedition team.


King George River, 5th April 2023

“By 8:00 am guests and crew were ready for the first excursion up the King George River. We took the guests to the falls in the left-hand side branch of the river, which were flowing well. On the way back to the main river, we stopped underneath an osprey’s nest, where the male osprey perched above us. In the main river and were fortunate enough to spot a large crocodile surfacing in the middle of the river, giving guests a chance to capture some great photos. Jamie discovered a perfect nook to hide the zodiac, called the elevator shaft, and interpreted honeycomb weathering. We found another smaller croc on an open rock on the way to the falls, and guests were able to get up close and personal with the cascading water, getting completely drenched in the process.”


Zodiac coming in on the Xplorer for a transfer in the King George River – Jamie Anderson

The first excursion of the Kimberley cruise to a waterfall in a branch of the King George River – Jamie Anderson




Winyalkan & Mitchell Falls, 7th April 2023

“The first helicopter ride was spectacular, with no wind and plenty of water on the plateau. The landscape was green, with only a few burns caused by lightning. With the low tide, the sandbars and rocky shelves of the Mitchell River were visible. We flew over the Little Mitchell Falls, which was in full force, but the Mitchell Falls was even more impressive, with the water gushing down. It was one of the best views I’ve seen in my twenty years. After landing, the guests were taken to lookouts, safe water entry points, and swimming holes. The flora was in full bloom, and the birdlife got better as the morning went on.”


Mitchell Falls & Big Merten Falls were really pumping as the helicopter approaches the landing zone – Jamie Anderson

Mitchell Falls in full flow after great wet season – Jamie Anderson




Careening Bay & Prince Regent River, 9th April 2023

“We set off for King Cascade on the Xplorer, and Jamie shared the history of the first sighting of the cascade by a white man who passed it without stopping. We didn’t miss it, and the water coming over the cascade was magnificent. Ian and David provided information on the flora and fauna, as well as the story of Ginger Faye Meadows. Corey parked the Xplorer against the wall, and Jamie lowered the ramp for guests to enjoy a freshwater shower. Jamie then led the Zodiac up to Amphitheatre Falls, 5km further along the Prince Regent River. As we arrived, there was a massive colony of Little Red and Black Flying Foxes just off the entrance to the falls, and when we arrived, they all started to fly. The White-bellied Sea Eagles swooped in and picked up fish, which was a spectacular sight. We made an attempt to reach the falls, but the pathway was narrow and there was a lot of flotsam due to the high tide of 10.5m. Crew did their best to clear the waterway and remove trees to make way for us. Eventually, we succeeded in reaching the plunge pool, where guests enjoyed the breathtaking scenery.”


Behold the impressive waterfalls of King Cascade – Jamie Anderson

A great effort by crew to get guests into Amphitheatre Falls – Crew on the roof clearing branches allowed access – Jamie Anderson



Montgomery Reef & Doubtful Bay, 10th April

“At 6:00 am we arrived at Montgomery Reef. By 7:30 am, we were aboard the Xplorer with Corey at the helm and Ian providing interpretation. As the tide was only 1.5m, we were able to get up close to the reef and provide guests with ample information. The cascading water off the walls was awe-inspiring and made for a great effect. During our exploration, a family of Beach Stone-curlew flew in and landed in front of Dan and Jamie, their colours blending in with the reef. We also spotted an osprey feeding on a fish along with many turtles.

Upon our return to Coral Discoverer, we enjoyed a cup of tea before Ian’s informative presentation on “Natural & Cultural Values.” After lunch, we cruised around Doubtful Bay in the Xplorer, taking in Raft Point Bluff, Steep Island (Jimbrugia), the sea cave, Bird Rocks, and Raft Point Beach. The guests enjoyed the beach walk and the history, as well as the opportunity to learn about the geology of the bluff and Steep Island and loved exploring the cave. Once back on board, the bar on the sundeck was open for business, and at 6:00 pm, David provided a recap and Ian a pre-cap before Jamie briefed us on the day ahead at Talbot Bay.”


It’s all action in the River at Montgomery Reef with guests going in all different directions – Jamie Anderson

The wonderful effect of cascading water off Montgomery Reef – Jamie Anderson


3rd May 2023 at King George River – Derek Pugh



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