Guest Lecturer Dale Arnott

Science and nature shape Dale’s world. An experienced rock-climber, sailor and bushwalker, she has a life-long passion for wildlife and conservation. After a busy career as an IT project manager Dale completed an Environmental Science degree at Adelaide University. Her fieldwork included wide-ranging biological surveys in northern South Australia, revegetation projects and coastal bird surveys. Over the past 15 years she has been a natural history guide based on Kangaroo Island, where she is a volunteer Ambulance Officer and also works for the SA National Parks & Wildlife Service at Seal Bay and Cape Willoughby.

While well-travelled in the outback, much of Dale’s focus is maritime and island-based. Close to home, she maintains a keen involvement with research into Australia’s endangered Sea Lions, as well as a commitment to the nation’s lighthouse heritage. At the same time a fascination for islands and island biogeography has taken her to many offshore habitats in South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Queensland and the Kimberley.

Indeed, Dale’s most memorable and life-affirming experiences have been marine and coastal, whether it is being eye-to-eye with humpback whales, spotting crocodile hatchlings or having a maori octopus wind around her legs. Through her guiding role with Coral Expeditions she continues to share her love of the sea and all its wild realms.

Dale Arnott