Guest Artist Paulina Puruntatameri

Paulina Puruntatameri, also known as Jedda, is an expert in Tiwi language and art. She will be joining our ‘Best of the Kimberley and Tiwi Islands’ voyage as a guest artist, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience. Having previously been aboard the Coral Adventure in October 2022, Paulina is a senior Cultural Leader and advisor to the Munupi Boards of Directors. With years of experience, she provides valuable Tiwi language translations, facilitating a deeper connection between art and culture. Paulina is passionate about the preservation of culture, language, art, and songs.

“It’s for our future generation to learn and respect and embrace their cultural side. Who they are and where they are from. We as the Tiwi people are the custodians of our lands. We must speak for the land and make sure we look after the land and the sea.”