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Whilst the festive season is a while away it is a good time to consider planning a unique Christmas and New Year adventure. It is a time of the year many stay at home with family, while for others it can be a lonely time and as such presents an opportunity to get away and explore with newfound friends. Each year Coral Expeditions operate across the festive week, and it is a fun and enriching time with the community onboard and our crew. Blending the joy of Christmas with the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean and remote coastal destinations, Coral Expeditions offers a truly exceptional holiday experience. Here are several compelling reasons to consider joining us. 


Unforgettable Destinations

Coral Expeditions specialises in taking guests to some of the world’s most pristine and hard-to-reach locations. Imagine celebrating Christmas with the breathtaking backdrop of Solander Island and the Fiordland on New Zealand’s remote west coast. Picture yourself sailing through the idyllic Indonesian archipelagos to explore the wilds of Borneo, a land rich in cultural traditions and rare flora and fauna. Or enjoy a great Australian tradition and follow the fleet of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, exploring the striking Tasmania coastline and ringing in the new year with fireworks on the Derwent River in Hobart. Each destination offers unique experiences and stunning natural beauty, far removed from the hustle and bustle of traditional holiday settings. 



Intimate Experience

Coral Expeditions’ ships are designed for small groups, providing a more intimate and personalised experience. With a maximum of 120 guests, you’ll enjoy a sense of community as fellow explorers and crew share this special time of the year. The smaller size of the ships allows access to secluded bays and lesser-known gems that larger vessels can’t reach, ensuring a more immersive and unique adventure. 



Exceptional Onboard Amenities

Coral Expeditions offers all the comforts you would expect from a 5-star wilderness lodge which just so happens to travel with you. Spacious cabins with expansive natural vistas, gourmet dining featuring local and fresh ingredients, and attentive service from a dedicated Aussie crew to ensure that your Christmas is both relaxing and indulgent. The festive spirit is alive onboard, with special holiday-themed activities, gifts and decorations, and a traditional Christmas feast prepared by expert chefs. The crew are even known to create a little theatre and a good sing along. 



Enriching Experiences

Knowledgeable guides and guest hosts lead the way on each cruise, offering insights into the natural and cultural history of the regions visited. Whether it’s guided snorkelling tours, bushwalking expeditions, or cultural interactions with local communities, you’ll return home with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places you’ve explored. 

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Creating Lifelong Memories

A Christmas expedition is more than just a holiday; it’s a journey of discovery and adventure. The unique combination of stunning destinations, enriching experiences, and the festive spirit creates a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, or with family and friends, the memories made on this extraordinary voyage will be cherished for years to come. 



Spending Christmas with Coral Expeditions offers a unique blend of adventure, luxury, and festive cheer. It’s an opportunity to break away from the conventional and embrace the extraordinary, all while exploring some of the world’s most beautiful and remote locations. This holiday season, consider setting sail with Coral Expeditions for a Christmas celebration like no other. 


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