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Anjo Peninsula – C53, Jar Island, 27 June 2022

“We found about 14 species of birds near the freshwater and there were even Antilopine Wallaroos bouncing around the saltpan. Afterward we made our way over to Jar Island to view the ancient rock art sites. “

– Expedition Leader Jamie Anderson, Coral Adventurer


Expedition Dispatch

Camden, Freshwater Cove & Sheep Island, 21 June 2022

“The traditional owners spoke about their dream time story and ochered our cheeks. A long hike rewarded with flowering wattle, acacia and bottlebrush. Cruising towards Langgi, we spotted egret and a sea eagle. “

– Expedition Leader Dawn Singleton, Coral Geographer

Expedition Dispatch

King George River, 18 June 2022

“As we started cruising into the gorge, we spotted a white bellied sea eagle that patiently waited while we took photos. Along the way we talked about the geology in particular the honeycomb weathering.”

– Expedition Leader Alistair Kent, Coral Discoverer

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